Judge - Barrie M. Croft 

A huge honour to judge this lovely breed at Crufts, this being the eighth time I have given CCs to this breed in the UK, having also judged them in Europe and as far afield as Japan. Fabulous Open Dog class, not easy to sort out, in some classes I did have a problem with fronts and a few did not have the hind movement I like, but overall I was well pleased with my winners. 

VD (2) Wow what a class to start with, two Champions and both looked it!
1 & Best Veteran, Bowker’s Ch Int Ch Vikalys Ys Ti Ti Oo (Imp Swe). Everything I was looking for and he pressed for one of the big green cards, shouts quality and breed type, stunning profile, head, eye and bite all what I wanted, strong neck, clean over the withers, straight front, excellent bone, the best of toplines and deep chest, powerful quarters, in the most immaculate form, so easy on the eye when he moves, such freedom of action, real power going away and comes to you true, would have no problem signing a CC for him, 7 year old and totally at his very best, he also was handled to perfection.
2 Downes’ Ch Belshanmish Orange Crush. Full sister to my Bitch CC winner and the same excellent quality and breed type. Again 7 years old and like all Pastoral breeds look their best when approaching the Veteran stage, he looked and moved like the champion he is, I did note the head shape. Eye and pigment I think is correct, could still win CCs. 
PD (5 ) All present.
1 & Best Puppy, McBain’s Lisjovia Flaming Drambuie. Super baby showing huge promise, at this stage in his development I liked everything about him, excellent head, the dark eye and pigment give such a typical expression, he is balanced in profile, obviously been well reared, excellent bone and substance without being overdone, in top form and handled to perfection.
2 and pushing the first all the way, his litter brother, Holmes’ Lisjovia Harvey Wall Banger. Top class puppy that will change places with the winner and it should not be a problem, just slightly preferred the topline of one, but it was close.
3 Henson & Dearman’s Lisjovia Eternal Guardian For Pyrekees. 
JD (4,1) 1 Repeat of puppy. 2 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kajanna. Masculine youngster, typical in profile and many qualities, just preferred the winner going away. 3 Challinor’s Shanlimore Marvin. 
PGD (7, 3) Not an easy class, a case of compromise.
1 and quite comfortably, Kennedy & Roberts’ Chezanna Living The Dream For Joamjess. Looks quality. Liked the breed type, overall balance, good head, masculine, excellent bite, strong pigment. Correct neck, pleasing front, good bone, deep chest, plenty of heart room, in excellent body condition with good muscle in those quarters, sound easy free action.
2 Kennedy’s Pyrcot Spirit Of Chana. Pleasing quality and overall shape, masculine. Action could be better.
3 Thompson’s Madrasleibhe Croaghaunb. 
LD (9,3)
1 Blair’s Penellcy Bennington Bear. Top class. Such a lovely breed type, looked quality and well balanced in profile, masculine head, dark eye, excellent bite, good neck, correct shoulder angulation, straight front, excellent bone, deep brisket and correct elbows, strong quarters, moves easy and well, liked this boy very much and I would expect him to carry on his winning ways.
2 Jones’ Lisjovia A Sky Full Of Stars. Yet another high quality male. Loved the breed type, excellent profile, head to please, good pigment, excellent bite, strong neck, excellent bone, lovely body qualities and sound easy action.
3 Cubello’s Night Owl. 
OD (7) All present, but different.
1, CC & BOB, Pollard & Maggs’ now Ch Gillandant Thief Of Hearts At Dewyche. Everything I wanted, instantly caught my eye and I found myself keep looking at him in this line up, dog and handler unknown to me, but going over him everything fitted and flowed, perfect for breed type, big boy, no mistaking his sex. I just loved everything about him from his jet black nose to the tip of his tail, in fabulous form and so correct on the move, delighted to be told it was his third CC and I am sure many more will come his way. Thought he represented the breed fabulously in the Group. Congratulations.
2 Downes’ Ch Rivergroves All The Right Moves II At Belshanmish (Imp USA). Res CC, looked what he is, a Champion of the highest quality and breed type, smaller all round than winner, still masculine and what a mover, a pleasure to watch going and coming, his profile action is just stunning, in fabulous form and shown to perfection.
3 Virtanen’s Multi Ch Echo Dechien Escuda Pour Garcon. A visitor from Croatia, and again of the highest quality and breed type, so impressive on the move. 
VB (1)
1, alone but what a Veteran, Thorne’s Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay ShCM ShCEx.Wow, the CC, her second from me, and I was told later her 24th CC. What can I say, only at 7 years old she has never looked better, in the most immaculate form enjoying every moment, to say I love her is an understatement, thankyou for bringing her again.
PB (9) All present.
1 Cochrane’s Lisjovia Love On The Rocks For Myatoksci. Sister to the best puppy, how proud must the breeder be, again a puppy of the highest quality and breed type, so well developed for her age, excellent profile and easy on the eye when she moves, another showing huge potential.
2 Bowker’s Febus Honister. Yet another promising baby, much to like at this stage in her development, very attractive head, excellent bite, good pigment, body developing well, and she is totally sound, sure to do well in the breed.
3 Holmes’ Lisjovi Hanky Panky. 
JB (4,2)
1 Hall’s Lisjovia Scotch Solace. Res in puppy. Quality, must have been some litter.
2 Thorne’s Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajy. Lacking body weight today, a finer type, things to like, but I did prefer the head on my winner.
PGB (10,4) Some poor movement in this class.
1 Asher’s Patablanca Anca Phoenix. Her outline instantly caught my eye, feminine, good head, excellent bite, strong pigment, deep chest and a pleasing front, good bone, strong quarters and good action.
2 Carter’s Jumicar Sweet Lady Luck. Quality girl, pleasing overall outline but I would prefer better action.
3 Hopkins’ Lisjovia Sweet But Psycho. 
LB (6,2)
1 Cochrane’s Pyroni Colours Of The Wind For Myatoksci (Imp Can). Now I really liked this bitch and she pressed for the Res CC, one I would quite happily sign a CC for, liked her from her head to tail and she is so good on the move, loved that strength behind. In top class condition, must make up. Certainly, impressed me.
2 Wilcock’s Penellcy Shes Like The Wind. Lovely girl with many qualities, sound, I did prefer the head on one but all-round a lovely bitch.
3 Bowker’s Febus Jumilhac (AI).
OB (4,1)
1 & Res CC, her second from me, Bamford & Church’s Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen. A real fan of this girl, I know she has at least one CC and some Res CCs, surely she is capable of her title. Lots of qualities and as sound as a bell, feminine, excellent size, overall shape and balance, a very nice head, excellent bite, correct pigment, deep chest, in immaculate form and shows the correct movement back and front, handled to perfection. I do hope she goes all the way.
2 Tadd’s Kricarno Krystal Kopykat. Another very nice bitch, liked her overall shape, very attractive head, good bone, in excellent form, not quite the hind action of my winner.
3 Flounders’ Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni (AI).