South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club

Championship Show – 3rd April 2022

Judge :- Britt-Marie Young

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me. I feel very honoured and privileged . Also thank you for the lovely gift. Thank you too to my two very efficient stewards, Neil and Imogen who did a superb job. Also to all the exhibitors for such a lovely entry giving me the opportunity of going over so many dogs of such high quality. On top of that we were blessed with sunny and warm weather, making it very comfortable for all the dogs to be judged outside. The venue was in a beautiful setting with plenty of room for everyone. The ring was very big giving the dogs plenty of room to move. We broke for lunch after the males had been judged and I have to also compliment and thank all the hardworking ladies who provided a fantastic buffet lunch. I had so many quality dogs presented to me and lots of up and coming youngsters showing great promise for the future. I was really spoiled for choice and it was down to nitpicking in some classes. Many different types too. Some fronts and front and rear movements could have been a little better. Muscletone could have been better too. All had good double dewclaws apart from one with a single one. Temperaments, as always was superb. The standard says Intelligent and contemplative expression, but there were a few cheeky expressions too, which I enjoyed. My top winners possessed the quality, maturity and finish I was looking for coupled with a bit of character and personality.

MPD (1)
1. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Just Because.
Only six months old and very much a puppy. Maturing nicely all round, good in head with almond shaped eye, correct dentition and fairly small ears. Coat coming on well, very dense, outer coat harsh, forelegs straight. Confident on the move and moved well when he decided to, carried his tail well. He has plenty of time. RBPD

PD (2)
1. Dearman & Hanson’s Lisjovia Eternal Guardian for Pyrekees.
Ten and a half months old masculine boy of a good type and size, good in head with dark almond eyes, well set ears which he used when alert, strong muzzle and correct dentition. Good angles front and rear and just right off for substance but needs to firm up all round which comes with age. In lovely coat for age. Moved with ease round the ring. More to come from him when finished. BPD and BP in show.
2. Kalkasi Just Because.

JD (4)
1. Spier’s Belshanmish Midnight Magic.
Upstanding youngster of 16 months, maturing nicely, giving a pleasing outline. Masculine head, excellent pigment, scissor bite, almond shaped dark eye, well bodied with fairly short neck, nicely angulated front with straight forelegs and good bone, well coated. Moved with easy strides round the ring and correctly carried tail.
2. Lisjovia Eternal Guardian for Pyrekees.
3. Challiner’s Shanlimore Marvin. Thirteen months old and just out of puppy, developing nicely in the right direction. A lovely type and well balanced overall with a firm back and moderate angulation. Dark pigmentation and well placed expressive eyes. Moved with confidence.

1. Kalkasi Just Because

ND. (2)
1. Shanlimore Marvin.
2. Kalkasi Just Because.

PG (2)
1. Belshanmish Midnight Magic.

2. Kennedy & Roberts’ Chezanna Living the Dream for Joamjess. A different type, and one I liked too. Not quite the strength of 1 above. Nicely balanced overall. Excellent pigmentation, correct bite, dark eye, good angles front and rear, firm and straight topline, moved with drive and enthusiasm.

LD (12,4) Many different types, and stages of development due to age. Sure many will change places many times in future.
1. Carter’s Jumicar’s Just an Illusion. Well presented masculine two year old, in good coat and condition, darkest of pigment, and almond eye, pincer bite. Muscular and strong in body and neck, which is fairly short, straight in back, good substance and sloping rump, good tailset. Moved freely and well.
2. Jones’ Lisjovia A Sky Full of Stars. Pleasing in head with good pigment, dark eye and good ear set. Good reach of neck, medium hind angulation, nice hocks, moved with enthusiasm.
3. Goodman’s Lisjovia Avi CII with Annanya. Pleasing overall with good pigment, eye and bite. Level back, good substance and moderate angles front and rear. Sound on the move.

OD (8,1) Wow, another brilliant class.
1. Reilly’s Ch. Swiss. Ir. Multi. Int. Ch. Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror. Presented an impressive outline for type and balance. I have judged him before, and today, at the age of six, he is in his prime. Masculine and fully mature with a lovely head piece, almond shaped, dark and kind eyes, good earset, dark pigment and good bite. He is soundly constructed with good bone for his frame. Good depth of chest and plenty of heart room. Firm and straight back and just right for substance. Moderate angles front and rear. Dense coat and correct texture. He took advantage of the big outside ring and moved freely with determination and an air of elegance, moving soundly seen from all angles with correct tail carriage. DCC. BOB and BIS.
2. Pollard & Maggs’ Gillandant Theif of Hearts at Dewyche. Another male who impressed. Full of quality. Only two and a half years old and very mature for his age. Masculine with a good head, almond shaped kind eye, small ears well set, and correct bite. Strong and fairly short neck, Broad chest and straight in front, good spring of rib and good substance, medium angulated rear. Dense coat and in good condition. Moved out freely and well round the ring with sound front and rear movement. Very close, just felt no. 1 above had a slight edge on overall performance today. RCC and RBIS.

3.Edwards’ Shanlimore Lorenzo. Another one I liked. Good type. Well balanced overall. Pleasing in head with dark pigment and dark almond shaped eye. Firm and straight in back, good spring of rib and straight forelegs.In good coat and condition. Moved well round the ring. He was in good company today.

VD. (4,1)
Three lovely oldies who seemed to enjoy their day out.
1. Downes’ Ch. Belsanmish Orange Crush. The youngest of the three, at eight years of age and had the advantage on movement, showing he is still fit and moved freely with drive round the ring. Presented in good coat and condition. Pleasing in head with lovely expression. Well constructed throughout and level topline which he kept on the move.BVD
2. Burwell’s Pyrbern Blond Defender at Bursville. Lovely old boy aged twelve, who did his best today to show off his credentials, He moved typically and unhurried in his own time, keeping his topline straight moving and standing. Well presented with a dense undercoat and his top coat was harsh. Good bone and angles front and rear. Good pigment, eye and earset.
3. Barnes’ Shanlimore Lucky Spirit At Patablanca. Nearly 10 years old and of a good type and with a balanced outline. Good in head with dark pigment, dark almond eye, and kind expression. Firm in body with a level topline. Good bone for his frame. He moved freely and fairly well.

1. Ch Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay. Shcm Shoex.
An old favourite of mine and one I have judged before. What can I say that has not been said before. She is now aged seven and a Veteran. She is sound to go over with a good front and rear and right off for substance. Feminine head, eye, bite, pigment just right. She moved soundly round the ring. Immaculately presented. Would just have liked a little of that Pyrenean spirit/personality to come out, like I have seen before. RBCC and Best Veteran in Show.

MPB (4,1)
1. Carter’s Jumicar Moonstone.
Eight month old very pretty baby, looking very promising, Feminine head developing well, dark pigment, good bite, almond shaped eye and small ears. Nicely balanced overall with good bone and moderate angles, and coat coming on well, just a little lose in front at the moment. In good coat for age. RBPB.
2. Flounders’Kalkasi Just Imperial at Lakamoni (NAF) Another promising baby, only 6 months old, immature which is to be expected at this age, but outgoing and doing her best at standing and moving well. Her profile movement was good. Feminine head, dark pigment and almond eyes, good bite. nicely angulated. Coat coming on well with dense undercoat.
3. Low’s Aurvandill Preya Sasa . Feminine white girl, also six months old and very much a puppy, dark pigment and dark eye, good bite. Level back and good substance. Medium hind angulation and straight hocks. Moved easy with confidence round the ring.

PB (4,1)
1. Goodwin’s Lisjovia White Lady Avec Montmusique.
Appealing 11 month old girl of a good type. She is of a good size and good substance and in good coat for age. She is still

developing, a little bum high at the moment. Front and rear of moderate angles and well boned for her frame. Good eye, bite and earset. She moved well in profile. Well handled. BPB & RBP in show.
2. Jumicar Moonstone.

3.Kalkasi Just Imperial at Lakamoni.

JB (2)
1. Thorne’s Belshanmish New Sensation at Pyrajay.
A lovely Feminine bitch who at 15 months is going through her teenage stage. She is of a good type and size, a little leggy and needs a little more substance . She has a fairly short neck and level back, moderate angulation in rear, straight fore legs. Pleasing in head with dark pigment, almond eye, small ear and god bite. She moves very well in profile with correct tail carriage. When finished could trouble the best.
2. Lisjovia White Lady Avec Montmusique.

MB (3,1)
1. Jumicar Moonstone.
2. Kalkasi Just Imperial at Lakamoni.

NB (4,1)
1. Lisjovia White Lady Avec Montmusique.
2. Jumicar Moonstone.
3. Kalkasi Just Imperial at Lakamoni.

GB (3,1)
1. Hopkins’ Lisjovia Sweet but Psycho.
Young feminine bitch, nicely balanced overall and still maturing, pleasing in head with correct dentition, dark pigment and and almond eye and kind expression, straight in back and with good substance, nicely angulated, just a little wide in front at the moment, moved positively and free with good drive. Top coat of harsh texture.
2. Belshanmish New Sensation at Pyrajay.

PGB (4,2)
1. Pollard’s Gillandant Simply the Best
. Well made feminine bitch, sound to go over, but not in her best jacket today. Good in head with dark pigment, expressive eyes and good earset. short neck and level in back and slightly sloping rump. Moved freely.
2. Lisjovia Sweet but Psycho.

LB (6,1)
1. Baverstock’s Kalkasi the Eternal Chase JW.
This feminine bitch was in top form today. Lovely type. Appealing in outline , just filled the eye, of a good size, sound and well balanced overall, strong neck, straight and firm in back, just right for substance and slightly sloping rump. She has a lovely feminine head, with dark almond shaped expressive eyes, and well set ears, and correct

dentition. Well made in front and rear departments with medium angulation and well boned. She moved freely and well round the ring with strong hocks driving well from behind. Well handled. CC and BOS in Show.
2. Dearman & Henson’s Lisjovia Witches Promise for Pyrkees. A young bitch of 22 months of a good type showing lots of promise. Sound to go over. Feminine head with dark almond eyes and well placed ears and a good bite. Fairly short neck and a firm level back. Well made in front with straight legs and medium hind angulation. Moved very well with drive.
3. Tadd’s Kricarno Katchmeifyoucan. A different type and so much to like about her. Strong muzzle, dark pigment, good eye, ears and bite and kind expression. She is nicely constructed, of a good size, with good substance and strong bone for her frame. She moved well, just felt above had a slight edge on overall movement today.

OB (8,1) A class of lovely bitches. Different types. Very close decisions.
1. Pollard’s Gillandant Xmas Spice. A well presented quality bitch Nicely balanced in head and body. Lovely head with dark pigment, dark eye and small neat ears. Correct bite. Straight in back. Good depth of chest and plenty of heart room and nicely angulated. Moved soundly with drive.
2. Ch. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Super Cool JW.One I judged as a youngster and good to see how well she has come on. She has a lovely feminine head, is well constructed and has good bone. Covered the ground well with typical easy strides.
3. Edwards’ Shanlimore Raffaella. Slightly bigger bitch who moved so well round the ring, without any effort. Head and body in proportion, dark almond eye and dark pigmentation. Strong neck, firm in back and with good substance and bone. Moderate angles. Well handled.


Flounders/ Sketrick Papagena at Lakamoni & Kalkasi Just Imperial at Lakamoni. Two lovely bitches, aged 6 years and the other 6 months, who tried their best at moving in harmony with one another. The youngest need just to catch up in size with the other. Very well handled.