North of England Pyrenean Mountain Dog Open Show

Judge Gary Gray
I would like to thank the committee for the opportunity to judge at their club show. It was lovely to be outside and to see the dogs moving freely in the good-sized ring. A couple of classes I had tough decisions but at end of the day I was pleased with my final line up of winners. I found all temperaments were good with no nervousness, likewise all bites were correct with nice close-fitting lips and well pigmented throughout. Also, all exhibits had double rear dew claws on hind legs. Thank you to all the exhibitors for accepting my decisions and making for a very enjoyable day.
1 Baverstoke; Kalkasi Just Because; very balanced youngster who shows great promise. Head developing well with lovely dark pigmentation to dark amber brown eyes giving lovely soft expression. Neck strong with good fore chest, well placed shoulders with good length of rib and firm hindquarters, compact feet, good length of tail which rose gently on the move loved his effortless movement. BPD and in challenge for BPIB I felt he just had a slight edge over his sister.
1 Baverstoke; Kalkasi Just Because; Winner previous class,
2 Holmes; Lisjovia Harvey Wall Banger; 11 months another promising youngster who I liked but just preferred firsts easier gait. Broad head developing well with strong muzzle, with correct almond shaped eyes, well pigmented, firm neck going into well laid shoulders, body firm with well-muscled hindquarters and good tail set, tight feet with good bone. Easy steady movement but felt needed a slightly bigger ring to really show himself.
3 Robinson: Lisjovia Blue Lagoon;
1 Kenyon and Ward; Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kaianna; 17 month male who is maturing nice and slowly, lovely in profile. Strong masculine head with well-placed ears, correct shape eyes set slightly obliquely, muscular neck on well-muscled shoulders, chest of good depth, legs well boned, firm topline and well-muscled hindquarters with adequate bend stifle and well-padded feet. Beautifully handled to get the best from his easy gait. Look forward to seeing him fully matured.
2 Robinson: Lisjovia Blue Lagoon; 3rd in last class, 11months and lost out on maturity here and definitely needed a bigger ring.
Maiden Dog
1 Baverstoke; Kalkasi Just Because; repeat from MP.
1 Challinor; Shanlimore Marvin; 14 month and between growing stages, masculine head, soft enquiring expression, would prefer slightly more neck, well laid shoulders and depth chest, gives look of being slightly longer in body at this stage, hind angulation matching front and moved at steady easy trot.
2 Baverstoke; Kalkasi Just Because; repeat from MP was getting a little tired here.
1 Thomas; Shiresoak Snow Patrol; 6 year old mature male. Good breadth of head with well-placed ears, eyes correct dark amber brown, with nice strength of muzzle, muscular neck and shoulders well laid back, chest reaching elbows and well boned legs, firm topline and strong loin with well-developed thigh muscles and moderate bend stifle firm hocks, tail of good length carried up and over on move.
2 Kenyon and Ward; Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kaianna; winner of junior, just needs to mature.
3 Holmes; Lisjovia Sign Of The Times; nice honest male, but needs to be moved bit quicker.
1 Cubello; Night Owl; 5 year old masculine male, good strength of head with gentle slope to fairly broad muzzle, slightly obliquely set almond eyes of correct colour, good under jaw, small triangular ears, firm neck on closely fitting shoulders, good depth of chest with good length of rib, firm loin with hindquarters well-muscled, with moderate bend stifle and firm hocks. Tail of good length which on move was carried high, moved at steady pace.
2 Thomas; Shiresoak Snow Patrol; winner last class.
Two very striking mature males, who I had a job to split, both had similar attributes so a general over view. Both had lovely broad heads, with dark amber brown obliquely set eyes, with good width and depth of muzzle, strong under jaws and neat triangular ears. Muscular necks, well laid shoulders and depth chest, firm well sprung ribs and firm toplines, hindquarters well-muscled with well-developed thighs and moderate turn stifle with firm hocks, tails had lovely wheel appearance on move as you would expect from mature males. Both presented in excellent coat.
1 Pollard; Gillandant Thief Of Hearts At Dewyche; I just preferred this males more gentle expression and I felt this lad had the more typical movement, steady fluid with what looked like he could do a day’s work on mountains and hills. BD and BIS.
2 Reilly; CH, Swiss IR. Multi Int Ch. Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror JW SH CM CEX.CW19; lovely in profile just felt was trying to race his owner, which did slightly detract from his movement. RBD.
1 Thorne; Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay Sh CM SHCEX VW; 7year old bitch, lovely in profile, feminine in head with soft expression, correct eye shape, neat triangular ears, muscular neck on well placed shoulders with well sprung rib, firm top line and good rear angulation with moderate bend to stifle, very steady mover, for me I just thought her coat should have been harsher and was a little too soft.
1 Flounders; Kalkasi Just Imperial At Lakamoni; eye catching youngster, feminine head developing, lovely expressive dark amber brown eyes with neat triangular ears, nice width of muzzle. Fairly short muscular neck going into well laid shoulders, chest about right depth for age, well boned legs with nice tight feet. Ribs of good length and firm topline. Good hindquarters with good muscle tone which showed in her easy gait. Tail had enough length and carried well on move. BPB and pushed her litter brother hard for BPIB.
2 Carter; Jumicar Moonstone; similar to first in overall shape, just preferred firsts front assembly at the moment although this bitch had slightly darker pigment at this stage. Steady on move.
1 Flounders; Kalkasi Just Imperial At Lakamoni; winner of MP.
2 Goodwin; Lisjovia White Lady Avec Montmusique; 11 months old. Feminine head with nice eye shape and colour with broad muzzle, neat triangular ears laid flat. Strong neck on well-placed shoulders, good length of back and good muscle tone to hindquarters. Balanced throughout just not as steady as first on move. 3 Carter; Jumicar Moonstone; 2nd MP.
1 Thorne; Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay; Strong head with correct almond shaped eye, nice neat triangular ears, muzzle just needs bit more width, strong muscular neck with good depth of chest and length of back. Well-muscled hind quarters, thick tail coming up over back on move. Just needs time to mature on. Won this class on steady movement.
2 Edwards; Shanlimore Marsha; Lovely in profile, not quite as big as first, feminine head short strong neck, would just prefer slightly better upper arm, enough bone with tight feet. Firm topline with nice tail set, just preferred first for movement.
1 Edwards; Shanlimore Marsha;
2nd Junior and just favouring hind leg.
1 Carter; Jumicar Sweet Lady Luck; Strong feminine head with nice dark amber brown eye obliquely set, strong muzzle. Triangular ears lying flat against head. Strong neck on powerful shoulders that were close fitting, Forequarters strong boned and well-muscled, good length of back with strong topline. Muscular over loin area with slightly sloping rump. Moderate turn stifle and firm hock with good overall angulations, tail carriage good and on move carried over back. In lovely, good harsh coat and when she moved it was free flowing and steady. BB BOS.
2 Thorne; Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay; winner of junior.
1 Tadd; Kriscarno Katchmeifyoukan; Super 4 year old bitch with strong broad feminine head, beautiful dark amber brown eyes with black rims, good width of muzzle with strong under jaw, muscular neck on powerful shoulders with good angulations, nice breadth of chest, forelegs straight and well boned with good body length and well sprung ribs and strong loin, well-muscled hind quarters and tail thick. Did enough to win this class with her easy unhurried gait.
2 Wilcock; Penellcy She’s Like The Wind; feminine 3 year old bitch, not quite the substance of first. Feminine head with expressive eyes, good width of muzzle, short muscular neck on well laid shoulders, good spring rib with strong loin and firm topline with good rear angulations, just felt didn’t have quite the drive of first on move.
3 Asher; Patablanca Phonix;
1 Edwards; Shanlimore Raffaella; coming up to 5 years and an honest bitch, very feminine with soft expression. Dark amber brown eyes set obliquely with small neat triangular ears, lovely strong under jaw, nice strong neck with good forechest and plenty of bone to legs tight feet. Chest of good depth with ribs well sprung firm loin and nice level topline with broad hindquarters with good muscle, coat harsh tail of good length that was raised on move. Her easy steady movement won her the class, sadly in challenge wasn’t quite as steady so had to settle for RBB.
2 Asher; Trixylee A Star Is Born; very similar to first and I was splitting hairs between them, just felt first had the slightly better drive on move,
3 Pollard; Gillandant Xmas Spice;