Sandie Tadd

Thank you to the Officers and Committee of giving me the honour of Judging my Breed at this very well-run
Paignton Championship Show, the weather was kind in that it only tried to rain once whilst I was judging.
Also, I would like to thank the exhibitors for the quality of the dogs that came under me, and their

All dew claws were present, a few did not have the customary hook in the tail, and a couple did not wheel their
tails, but the wheeling of the tail, all though it looks and finishes the dog off to looking good and flashy in the
ring, it is only used when the breed is fully alert and should not be penalised if not wheeled when the dog is
moved, our breed should not be flashy, our breed should be quietly confident with a certain elegance.
Please try to remember our breed should a slow maturing breed and should not be finished at two years of
age, we have some lovely youngsters coming on out there, please give them time.

I apologise for any names that maybe spelt wrongly and some with no ages, as 3 dogs were missing out of the
Catalogue, which I was not given at the end of judging, so only had a print out to guide me from Higham Press
which was also wrong.

Mr I & Mrs Y. Baverstock Kalkasi Super Cool JW & GRP 3
Mr R & Mrs G. Wells, Sketrick Patou,
Mrs L. Waters Sketrick Ojo
Mr I & Mrs Y. Baverstock Kalkasi Super Cool JW
Mr A & Mrs J. Wilcox Penellicy She’s Like the Wind
Ms S. Kinzer’s Angelrain Avante Hela

Puppy Dog 3 (1abs)
1st/ Spiers Belshanmish Midnight Magic, badger coloured headed boy with a good eye colour and correct
ear set, although could be smaller, but head nowhere near finished yet, correct scissor bite, beautiful
pigmentation, well bodied up throughout, straight in front coming and going, I would have liked a little better
angulation on rear and stifle to match the shoulders on the front, which would have given him a better balance
when moving. But at his age it is all there and will I feel come through with maturity.
2nd/ Mrs R & Mr P Meakin Angelrain Avante Aragon ai. A raw, tall, young lad of 8 months who will need time,
pigment totally black with roof of mouth also, scissor bite, tight flews, strong muzzle, with depth below tight
almond shape eyes, which were of the correct colour, already has the dreamy expression that the breed should
be noted for, rather long in body as of yet but again, time is on his side to mature at a steady pace. Movement
was a bit erratic but with such a good length of leg he’s still sorting them out.

Junior Dog 1 (0)
1st/ Baverstock’s Kalkasi Wicked Spirit, lived up to his name as he was full of himself, at 17 months, he is in the
correct time zone for his maturity, eye of correct shape and colour, well tucked in small ears, which were level
with the eye, black pigment throughout on tight dry mouth, no eyebrows protruding and the slightest of stop,
strong, short neck leading on to medium angulation to the shoulders, strong bone tight feet, good strong
topline, good length of leg with correct medium angulation at the rear and strong point of hock. Well-
presented profuse coat, wheeled tail on move, when settled moved well within himself and covered the

Yearling Dog 2 (0)
1st/ Repeat of Junior Dog
2nd/ Kennedy & Roberts Chezanna Living the Dream for Joamjess, A lot to like about this tall all white boy at 20
months old, still a lot of maturing to do, good eye set of correct colour and shape, ears set correctly, tight and
small, nicely filled in under eyes to give the correct shape of the European bear head needed to set our breed
away from other white dogs. Slightly longer in the neck proportions than I would like, but did not detract from
super shoulder placement and strength in topline. Good low rear dew claws on sperate pads and strong hocks,
giving him the power to move around the ring covering the ground with easy strides. needs time to come into
himself and body up. Came in his under clothes to day but that only the finishing touch. One I will watch with

Novice Dog 2 (0)
1st / Baverstock’s Kalkasi Wicked Spirit
2nd/ Spiers Belshanmish Midnight Magic,

PGD 0 entries

Limit Dog. 2 (1)
1st/ Wells Sketrick Patou ai. This dog proved to day that our breed is and should be late in maturing! at 4 1⁄2
he is just coming into his own, and he’s all male, with a head that is so correct, well set eyes of the beautiful
almond shape and colour giving the soft far away look that is a Mountain Dog, tight flews, solid black
pigmentation all through, scissor bite, small tight ears hiding into strong well-muscled short neck, a thick mane
which stretch to the top of his well-placed shoulders of medium angulation, , level topline on the move, tends
to drop it when he’s standing relaxed, please watch. Broad chest with plenty of heart room which reached just
below the elbows, good length of leg with strong bone and tight front feet, strong broad back leading on to
prominent pin bones down into well shaped rump and strong well-muscled first and second thigh, and strong
hocks, low well placed strong and fixed dew claws from separate pads, finished off with the correct hook in the
tail, clean double coat of correct texture. Moved at the correct unhurried gait, the complete picture of what
our breed should be about which earnt him the DCC.

Open Dog 1 (0)
1st/ Waters Sketrick Ojo, at only 4 months short of being in veteran at 6 3⁄4 years old, this boy gave them
all a run for their money, beautiful head as this kennel always produces, correct shaped eye a bit lighter then I
would have liked, but did not detract, small tight ears, scissor bite, strong pigment all through, powerful front
with good bone and correct angulated shoulders, He has still got his muscle all through, correct dew claws and
hook in tail, moved soundly and strong holding his topline at all times. Pleased to award him the RDCC.

Puppy Bitch 2 (0)
1st/ Kinzer’s Angelrain Avante Hela, this lovely blaireau coloured bitch is a litter sister to the 2nd in this
class and 2nd in PD at 8 months old, with a good head with correct eye shape, colour and size, small tight
triangular shaped ears, good fill under eyes for a pup this age, tight flews and strong pigment, correct scissor
bite, good width of chest, and broad strong topline, strong bone, good length of leg, strong dew claws, firm in
hocks, hook in the tail, lovely well-balanced shape for one so young, she’s further ahead than her sister and
brother in the maturity steaks at the moment, which gave her this placing, also not quite so tall, so more
balanced in her movement. Move well once settled. Pleased to award her BPIB
2/Meakin’s Angelrain Avante Aurora, the same applies as written for her brother, at this moment in time,
lovely tall bitch but very raw, and will take time, but she has it all there, again a beautiful head with nothing
overdone, correct eye shape and colour, good ear shape and placement, fantastic pigmentation including
around the eyes, and good scissor bite, this girl is narrow all through at this moment in time, but at this age I
really would not expect her to be any further forward than where she is at this moment. A very nice trio of
pups and I will watch with interest on how they progress, but they need time.

Junior bitch 2 (1)
1st/ Kennedy & Roberts Kalkasi Graceful Shadow for Joamjess, extremely pretty all white bitch with the
blackest of pigments, at 13 months old she is just beginning to come in to her own, lovely head with correct
eye set and colour, correct ear placement would like them to be a tad smaller, but no way has her head
finished yet, so I am hoping she will grow into them., good shoulder placement with the correct angles and
good bone and tight feet. Strong hocks and good angulation, she moved well, covering the ground with
elegance in her stride. Still slightly bum high and the slight incline on the ground did not help when she stood,
but means that she is still growing and will be another one to watch as she matures.

Novice Bitch no entries

Yearling Bitch.1 (0)
1st/ Kennedy & Roberts, Kalkasi Shadow Chaser Litter sister to 1st in Junior, and much applies, but this girlie is a
little more matured in body lovely gentle head with the correct eye shape and colour and placement with a
good fill under, small tight ears, strong neck onto good shoulders with correct angulation, good length of leg
with good bone, good level topline which was held on the move, powerful in the rear with strong hocks and
well-balanced angulation. Fought hard for the RBCC, just piped on being a little immature on the day.

Post Graduate Bitch 3 (1)
1st/ Baverstock’s Kalkasi The Eternal Chase JW , A 2 1⁄2 year old blaireau bitch with a good head with dark well
set eyes and stunning pigment throughout, small well shaped ears, strong short neck leading on to good
medium angulated shoulders and good length of legs and strong topline which was held level and straight ,
with balanced angulation bringing up the rear she could not do anything other than move straight and true,
nice low dew claws that were fixed and on the bone with separate pads as they should be, won this class on
stronger movement.
2nd/ Kennedy & Roberts Kalkasi Shadow Chaser

Limit Bitch 2 (1)
1st/ Wilcox’s Penellcy She’s Like The Wind A lovely 2 year old pure white bitch, of quality throughout, good eye
shape and ear set, with a good shape and colour to the eyes, ears could be slighter smaller but they were well
tucked in. good shoulders leading to correct bone and tight feet, good strong top line, which was held on the
move, good coup leading on to good tail set of correct length, strong hocks, moved steady and soundly around
the ring, pushed hard for top honours. RBCC

Open Bitch 3 (1)
1st/ Baverstock’s Kalkasi Super Cool JW, I have admired this bitch from afar, and to get my hands on her to day
was a dream come true, and an honour.
At 3 years old she is what I would expect to see in our breed, nothing overdone and everything in the right
place, well-shaped head with good fill in and excellent colour and shape of eye, small well tucked in ears,
blackest of pigment with tight flews, and a clean strong scissor bite, all lines blending in with no prominent
stop or eyebrows, strong neck going on to one of the best shoulders placements here today, giving her good
straight reach in front allowing her strong rear and powerful hocks to bring her back end under her to cover
the ground with no effort, tight feet, and daisy cutting action wasting no energy Strong bone throughout,
nice depth of chest and good length of leg, hook in her tail helped to give her the attractive plume when she
displayed, known in France as the ‘arrondera’ of her tail, she was shown in pristine coat condition, The
elegance and strength in her movement is why this bitch, got her 3rd ticket to day ( subject to KC conformation)
and her Group 3 well done.