Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of GB Championship Show 2021
Judge - Terrie Cousins-Brown

Championship show: My thanks to the committee for the honour of judging today and to all the exhibitors for coping with wearing masks and the heat. It was a strong entry of quality dogs and there were some lovely youngsters which bodes well for the future. I am always mindful of the original function of a breed and the views of the country of origin. I was looking for a well sized, strong dog with a confident air, well proportioned in head and body, soundly moving, shapely and with a well fitting coat. I felt my winners had that special expression, super pigment and the breed’s air of elegance whilst maintaining strength. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and must thank my super efficient stewards for keeping everything moving along.

Vet D (4,1) What a super class to start off with, headed by two dogs I have placed well before.
1. Savage’s Vi’skaly’s Harry Honda at Kington (Imp) – no denying the quality of this male, super balance of head with lovely expression, tight lips and correct ears, good neck and chest, firm body with correct proportions, very shapely, medium angulation front and rear, strong pasterns and tight feet, lovely free and sound mover with tail well carried, pushed for the RCC, BVIS.
2. Asher’s Granchester Imoulou. A very nice well grown, masculine dog of excellent type, really matured now and carrying a lovely coat, quality head with good expression with nice dark pigment, good leg length and bone, correct angulations, good strength all through, smooth moving and with power, I really like him.
3.Wilcock’s Penellcy Guard of Honour. Completed an excellent trio, had a really weatherproof coat, correct all through with good size and substance but not over heavy, sound and easy movement with firm hocks and good feet, well carried tail

MPD (1)
1. Spier’s BelshanmishMidnight Magic. Just 6 months and growing on nicely, balanced throughout with lovely type, blaireau, head developing well, good pigment and expression. Good neck, well boned with a well developed body for age, lovely rump, tail well set with crook and wheeled on the moved, sound and true for his age, very promising boy BPD.

PD (2)
1. Holmes Lisjovia Sign of the Times. Has bags of potential, needs to grow up (as he will) to balance proportions of height to length, has good strong bone and a well developed body, balanced in head to body with good pigment, medium front angulation, firm broad back, strong thighs, firm pasterns and free moving, better balance of MP on the day, tipped the decision for PBD.
2. Brown’s Galliagh Xemeto. Nice make and shape, head still developing and eyes need to tighten but they all grow at different rates, a very balanced dog, strong but athletic, in super coat and condition and very ably handled, he was sound and free striding and had correct front and rear angulation with good muscle.

JD (1)
1. Carter’s Jumicar Just An Illusion. This boy absolutely gleamed in the sun today, immaculate condition and presentation, good for size, a little deeper in stop than I prefer but appropriate size of head to body, eye could tighten a little, strong neck with good chest, lovely outline and firm in body, correct croup, firm hindquarters and correct tail, sound both ways.

YD (2) Two males of very different type.
1. Sanger’s Chezanna Time to Dream. Liked his head and expression, flews a little loose at the moment. Very nice size and shape, medium angulation, stood on good legs and feet, well muscled with firm hocks and pasterns, in good body and condition and moving well.
2. Kennedy’s Pyrcot Spirit of Ohana. Slightly deeper through the head with more pronounced stop, balanced in body with plenty of bone and substance, correct neck with firm body and loin, tail could be a touch longer but well set on and carried and in super coat and condition.

1. Kennedy’s Pyrcot Spirit of Ohana.

1. Carter’s Jumicar Just An Illusion

PGD (1)
1. Cubello’s Night Owl. Loved his head, good proportions and gentle stop with neat small ears and smooth curves, good leg length, slightly narrow in chest, good body proportions and smooth over haunches to croup, good tail set, medium angles so covered the ground well, wheeled tail and a big coat, well presented.

LD (4,1) Super class, all worthy of a CC and title.
1. Downes Belshanmish Orange Crush. Won BP under me at Bath 2015 and this was the first I have seen of him since. I wrote then that he should go far and today won his crown which would surely have come much sooner if he hadn’t been out of the ring through illness. Just the type I wanted, strong and elegant, not heavy in any way but for me the type I most admire with that dreamy expression and fabulous black lipline extending back. Lovely balanced skull to muzzle giving the required V with flat sides, no lumps or bumps, just smooth lines, neat ears, strong neck with good front and well let down chest, firm through the body with good haunches and croup, not in abundant coat but well fitting to enhance his shape, free striding with power from the hocks, a wheeled tail completed the picture, CC & BIS, very well deserved,
2. Pollard and Maggs Gillandant Thief of Hearts at Dewyche. Young dog at that ‘fluffy stage’ which creates an illusion of a rounded rather than curved back skull, he needs time of course at just 18 months but everything is right, he has an excellent front and chest, slightly rectangular body, very good shape. Flowing lines over back, haunches and croup, good tail, powered around the ring, he has an imposing outlook without any heaviness, in really good body condition and could not be overlooked, the crystal balls says he should go far! RCC.
3. Bowker & Gibson Febus Monreco (AI). Just love this one and have placed him well as a puppy and considered him then for a RCC and I still think he has everything, today he was a little lacking in body condition and could carry more substance but dreamy head, super eyes and pigment, lovely smooth skull, well boned and with such an air, moved soundly, completed a super trio, on another day I would have no hesitation in giving him a CC, in sparkling condition.

OD (6,2)
1. Bowker’s Multi Ch Viskaly’ Ti-Ti-Oo. Very typical of his Swedish kennel, a tall and athletic dog with a good length of leg and well boned, lovely head shape, spot on body proportions with well fitting coat, correct neck and medium angulation, in super condition and well muscled, could carry a little more weight to advantage, moved soundly, has a tendency to not reach as forward as his conformation suggests but a very worthy winner here.
2. Reilly’s Multi Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror JW. Very imposing all white male of size and substance without coarseness, balanced head, a little more stop than 1 and stronger through the muzzle, has a good chest and firm back and loin, typical shape, well muscled with an excellent rear and tail, powerful and free on the move, in super condition all through and has great ring presence.
3. Downe’s Ch Rivergroves all the Right Moves II at Belshanmish (Imp USA) a favourite of mine, another who was very sound and easy on the move, and of the same mould as 1, with many excellent qualities, full pigmentation, well proportioned throughout, nice size, good topline well angulated with well carried tail, I thought he would be my second place but just a little disinterested today.

MPB (3) Well what a trio! Could easily swap places but today it was this youngster
1. Thorne’s Belshanmish New Sensation at Pyrjay. Just 6 months and wow does she have ring presence, aptly named with very obvious breed qualities, has the makings of a wonderful head, of course it needs to fill for correct proportions to her muzzle but beautiful true expression, good height, super construction, firm body and an elegant outlook, totally positive front and rear movement, age never trumps quality, so a well deserved RCC, BPB, BPIS, must have an exciting future.
2. & 3.Keith’s Belshanmish My Girl with Beverlenn and Williams’ Belshanmish Total Eclipse. Like peas out of the same pod, so similar in make and shape, super type, heads should finish well, firm in body and sound, lovely in outline, so difficult to seperate them, it really came down to nitpicking, both moved very well, 2, with a wheeled tail, not essential but a nice finish, 3 in really plush and well presented coat just not quite a steady today but they are babies, I wish you great success with these 2 super pups.

PB (5,1)
1. Thorne’s Belshanmish New Sensation at Pyrjay.
2. Hopkin’s Lisjovia Sweet but Psycho. Good type of bitch with head in proportion, good pigment and eye shape, strong neck, liked her height and front, firm body and presented in very nice condition, covered the ground well with a wheeled tail.
3. Dearmon & Henson’s Lisjovia Witches Promise for Pyrekees. Nicely balanced with a lovely shape, has much promise. Good head and eye, correct in neck and chest with medium angulation and well muscled thighs, firm hocks, moved freely and smoothly.

JB (1)
1. Carter’s Jumicar Sweet Lady Luck. Very nice, good head with correct balance of skull to muzzle and tight lips, strong neck, a touch deep in chest for height at the moment, excellent firm back and loin, strong hocks and well built rear, in super coat condition and sound in all directions.

YB (1)
1 Pollard’s Gillandant Simply the Best. Well grown and of good type, nice shaped head with good pigment, lips and neat ears, lovely expression, good height to length, correct in neck and front with nice body shape, strong all through, correct tuck up and croup, tail of good length with crook and wheeled on the move, free striding.

MB (5)
1. Keith’s Belshanmish My Girl with Beverlenn.
2. Dearmon & Henson’s Lisjovia Witches Promise for Pyrekees.
3.Newland’s Shanlimore Baby Love. A very sound bitch, heavier in type but very well made and wearing a super coat, well proportioned all through, in great body condition and well muscled, moves very freely and covers the ground well.

NB (3)
1. Williams’ Belshanmish Total Eclipse
2. Carter’s Jumicar Sweet Lady Luck.
3. Hopkin’s Lisjovia Sweet but Psycho

GB (2.1)
1. Wilcock’s Penellcy She’s Like The Wind. Really liked this all white girl for overall type and balance, good leg length and body proportions, correct head and expression with a well shaped skull, liked her outline and conformation, firm in body with good loin and croup, well muscled thighs, strong in hock and good feet, moved very soundly and nice well fitting coat.

PGB (2,1)
1. Wilcock’s Penellcy She’s Like The Wind.
2. Asher’s Patablanca Phoenix. Could easily swap places on another day, female of quality. With a well shaped head, feminine expression, gentle stop, dark pigment, good height to length, strong topline and lovely shape, well boned on good feet, an elegant but strong bitch who moved out really well, just the overall finish of 1 swayed it today.

LB (7,1)
1. Pollard’s Gillandant Ophelia. Lovely quality bitch with so much to like, head a nice v with gentle curves, dark pigment, tight lips and true expression, flowing outline, good bone and balance, correct angulations, excellent height and strength yet totally feminine, well carried tail, good coat condition, lovely strong rear, sound and free movement, true fore and aft, delighted to award her the CC, her 2nd, RBIS.
2. Goodwin’s Lisjovia Adagio avec Montmusique. Close up and quality all through, has a tendency to look deeper in chest and generally heavier than she really is, another nice head of correct proportions with a gentle stop, strong neck with good front, good bone and body, firm topline and well muscled rear, covered the ground well, powerful, free movement.
3. Asher’s Trixylee a Star is Born. Another I liked very much for overall breed type and this was a quality class. Very pleasing head and expression, good length to height with a lovely outline, not quite the maturity of body of the first two but has all the essentials, covered the ground really well holding a firm topline and a well carried tail, presented in excellent condition.

OB (5,1)
1. Pollard’s Gillandant Xmas Spice. Dam of the RCC male, sound and typical all through, such a shapely and well muscled girl of substance with a correct head, eye, pigment and expression, neat ears, excellent body and condition, correct angulation, well fitting coat, carried her tail well and very sound in all directions, lost out to her kennel mate today who just had extra sparkle and a touch more elegance for me.
2. Bowker & Gibson’s Sajbein Gastons Girl avec Febus. Lovely head shape and expression, well balanced in skull to muzzle, well made in forequarters and good height and bone, totally feminine with elegance, has a good shape and topline, could carry a little more weight to advantage, moved out well wheeling her tail, a really lovely girl.
3. Bamford Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen This girl excels on the move, strongly made but not course in any way has good size and body, bone & angulation, holds a firm topline and her coat fits her well, head in proportion to her body, a little deeper through than the others, a quality girl with a lot to like.