Leeds Championship Show 2021
Judge Stuart J Mallard
1st Kenton & Ward, Charibere Simply The Sequel At Katanna. Very promising 9 months old. Head developing and in proportion to body, well placed dark almond shaped eye. Moderate neck and shoulder placement into strong straight bone. Rib cage carried well back, top line held firm with gentle slope to croup. Sound typical action once he finds his stride. Quality coat and condition.
JD 4 (1)
1st Charibere Simply The Sequel At Katanna.
2nd Baverstock, Kalkasi Wicked Spirit. Correct for type and well balanced. Little apprehensive and needs to settle. Carries good bone but lacks substance.
1st Jones, Lisjovia A Sky Full Of Stars. Masculine and balanced, head could be a tad more refined, shape to dark eye, good pigment. Pleasing forehand, legs and compact feet. Level back, defined waist, descent hindquarters and hocks. Moved soundly.
2nd Thompson, Madrasleibhe Croaghaun. Clean head in proportion to body, reasonable pigmentation, strength to moderate neck, depth to brisket, enough bone. Just needs to body up.
3rd James, Sajobein Artic Mist.
1st Pollard & Maggs, Gillandant Thief Of Hearts At Dewyche. Masculine with a touch of class. Clean strong head. Gentle curve to skull, well filled under eyes which are well shaped, dark with desired pigment, well appointed small ears. Pleasing front assembly, bone and feet. Body with substance but discernible waist. Typical sound action.
OD 4
1st Reilly, Multi Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear. Upstanding dog with clean lines and breed specific. Beautiful clean head, eye and pigment. Strength to muzzle with gentle slope to well moulded skull. Breadth to chest with shoulders well placed supported by strong straight bone. Moderately shaped rib cage carried well back. Level topline, strong loin, visible waistline. Sound laid back action with good tail carriage and noble bearing. Beautiful Coat with texture. DCC BOB.
2nd Holmes, Ch Lisjovia Estevez JW. All male with class presenting a lovely profile. Strength to balanced head but not overdone, well placed and pigmented dark eye. Moderate neck into well developed front and strong timber. Just preferred topline of winner, discernible haunches, correct tail and muscular hindquarters. Free easy relaxed sound movement. Quality coat and presentation. RDCC.
3rd Bowker, int Ch Vi’iskaly’s Ti Ti Oo.
1st Asher, Granchester Imoulou. Verging 8 years this lad projects a typical outline is soundly built and of good breed type. Clean well developed head without coarseness. Depth to brisket and strong sound limbs. Good substance and muscular condition. Moved well within himself. Quality coat and presentation. BV.
SBD/B 4 (3)
1st Hall, Lisjovia Insomnia. Young lad with scope. Well grown with balanced head in proportion to body which is well constructed. Defined waist to reasonable topline. Muscular hindquarters and a steady mover. BSB.
PB 3 (1) 1st Thorne, Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay. 8 months of age and full of promise. Well constructed she conveys a typical outline and is good to go over. Very sound typical movement. Coat coming and well presented. 2nd Keith, Belshanmish My Girl With Beverlenn. Same age not quite as advanced as winner but her head is developing well. Construction is all there and time is on her side. Moved well when settled.
JB 4 (2) 1st Hopkins, Lisjovia Sweet But Psycho. A year old with a descent head and construction about right for age. She presents a balanced outline and scored heavily with her typical free easy action and proud deportment. Well presented.
2nd Kennedy & Robert’s, Kalkasi Shadow Chaser For Joamjess. 13 months and full of promise. Clean in head with correct attributes, moderate neck and shoulders to suit. Liked her outline and hindquarters. Moved soundly but I just favoured deportment of winner.
PGB 4 (1)
1st Wilcock, Penellcy She’s Like The Wind. Ultra feminine without weakness. Loved her balanced outline and sound construction. Strength to attractive head. Strong muzzle with gentle rise to moderately curved skull, well placed almond eye and black pigment. Moderate neck with depth to brisket, level back and gentle slope to croup. Moved with consummate ease. Quality coat and finish. RBCC.
2nd Asher, Patablanca Phoenix. Balanced head with good pigment. This lady is well made with harmonious lines and a sound mover. Good depth to brisket and length of leg, sadly today she was naked. 3rd Lisjovia Sweet But Psycho.
LB 2
1st Pollard, Gillandant Ophelia. Feminine with quality carrying a clean head. Well placed and shaped eye dark enough, good pigment, neat ears in line with eye. Projected her profile with flowing lines to advantage. Pleasing forehand with hindquarters to complement. Firm level back with rib cage not overdone. Sound calm action with correct deportment. Presented to advantage.
2nd Edwards, Shanlimore Raffaella. Balanced larger lady with head in proportion to body. Correct attributes, dark eye and excellent pigmentation. Well muscled with quality bone. Deep brisket, level topline and rib cage coming well back. Easy stylish mover. Textured coat presented well.
OB 7 (1)
1st Baverstock, Kalkasi Super Cool JW. Feminine and balanced she presented a beautiful outline. Well modelled head with properties just right and in proportion to body. Developed chest with breadth and depth, rib cage, topline and hindquarters to suit. Moved freely with style. Very well turned out. BCC.
2nd Bowker& Gibson, Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus. Super sound lady who’s virtues I appreciated. Descent head but I just preferred that of winner. Well constructed in all departments, just lacking her coat.
3rd Church & Bamford, Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen.