Manchester Champ Show 2020

Judge Paul Lawless

Many thanks to the committee of Manchester Dog Show Society for the invitation to judge at their show and to the lovely Pyrenean Mountain Dog exhibitors who presented a lovely group of dogs and who sportingly accepted my decisions. 

PD (4,1) 1 Blair’s Penellcy Bennington Bear, 9 months of excellent size, with very pleasing outline. He has a balanced head, with a very nice eye and expression. He has a good powerful neck, an excellent topline and is well angulated front and rear. He has good bone and good feet, excellent coat texture and very nice temperament. At this time, he is still a little loose in front coming towards, but has a very pleasing side gait. 2 Miles’, Zerious Blue Skies at Ranacani, 8 months, another nice youngster of good size and pleasing type. He has a very pleasing head, with a nice eye. He has enough bone, good reach of neck, topline at this time is a shade soft and is just a touch long in the loin.  He has an excellent coat texture, just needs some time and experience in the ring, has a good young handler. 3 Cox’s, Kricarno Krackerjack. 

JD (1) 1 Jones’, Lisjovia A Sky Full of Stars, 13 months old of excellent substance, quite a handful for the owner keeping this exuberant boy under control. Balanced head, a shade deep in the stop, nice eye, good pigment, would prefer a better muzzle line. He has excellent bone and feet, nice reach of neck, topline a little soft at this time, good croup. While he moved freely, I would prefer a shade more reach in front. 

PGD (3,1)1 Cubello’s, Night Owl, 3 years old, I would prefer a little more size to this boy, but he still has many qualities. A pleasing head, back skull falls away slightly. He has a beautiful expression and excellent pigmentation. Good bone for his size, would prefer tighter feet. Topline was ok and he has a good croup and he has good coat texture. He is a little restricted in front on the move. 2 Carter’s, Jumicar Casanova, 23 months, tall lad with a strong head, would prefer more balance to the head overall and a darker eye. He has strong bone and good feet, good neck, topline is a shade soft and he is a touch long in the loin. While he moves well in his side gait, I would like him better coming towards. 

LD (6,1) 1 Edwards, Shanlimore Lorenzo, 2 & a half years old, nice size and shape. Pleasing type, with a nicely balanced head, lovely eye and expression. Nice reach of neck, good topline and croup. Excellent coat texture. He has good bone and good feet, Well angulated front and rear, he was nice and free moving, could have just carried his tail a little better. Well presented and handled. 2 Flounders’, Gillandant Spirit of Xmas at Lakamoni, 4 years old, impressive male of good size and of pleasing type. He has a balanced head and a lovely eye. Lips, a shade loose, nice reach of neck. Excellent bone and feet. Topline a shade soft today. Excellent coat texture. Another who was very well presented and handled, could have been a little better on the move today. 3 Thomas’, Shiresoak Snow Patrol. 

OD (6,2) 1 Mattinson-Sandstorm & Sandstom’s. Multi Ch Vi’skalys Ti Ti Oo, 5 years old, beautiful type, he is of very pleasing size and shape, super bone and good feet. He has a beautifully balanced head, lovely eye and expression. Nice reach of neck, topline just a shade soft. He is well angulated front and rear, really well presented and handled and with excellent coat texture. Good coming and going, balanced side gait, could have taken BOB if he had given a little more on the move, but pleased to award him the Dog CC. 2 Reilly’s, Ch & Ir Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror, 3 years old, very impressive male. Beautifully presented and handled, very pleasing outline. Excellent substance, good bone and feet. Well angulated front and rear, topline was ok and he had a very pleasing side gait. Strong masculine head, he has a nice eye and expression, would have just preferred a less defined stop. Reserve Dog CC. 3 Baverstock’s, Ch Kalkasi Expect Only The Best. 

PB (5) 1 Baverstock’s, Kalkasi The Eternal Chase, 10 months old, very pleasing type. She is of very nice size and shape and well angulated front and rear. Head is still developing, she has a beautiful eye and expression. Nice reach of neck, good topline and croup. Excellent bone and feet, chest well developed for her age. Excellent coat texture. Good coming and going and balanced in her side gait. She got better as the day went on and by the challenge could not be denied the Reserve Bitch CC and Best Puppy. 2 Sanger’s, Sogni D’oro, 11 months old, another youngster of lovely type. She is excellent size and shape, with a very pleasing feminine head, nice expression, though eye could be a shade darker. Lovely reach of neck, topline a shade soft at this time, she has excellent bone and feet, and moved freely. Am sure she will have a bright future. 3 Wilcock’s, Penellcy’s She’s Like The Wind. 

JB (2) 1 Baverstock’s, Kalkasi The Eternal Chase. 2 Sanger’s, Sogni D’oro. 

LB (9,3) 1 Baverstock’s, Kalkasi Super Cool, 22 months, very nice size and shape. She is of pleasing type, lovely eye and expression, ears well placed, balanced head overall. Nice reach of neck, lovey topline and croup. Excellent bone and feet, excellent coat texture. She was good coming and going with an excellent side gait. Well presented and nicely handled. 2 Pollard’s, Gillandant Ophelia, 21 months, very nice type of excellent size and shape. She has a balanced feminine head, I would have preferred her eye a shade darker. She has a good reach of neck and a good topline, I would prefer more length of ribcage. She has excellent bone and feet, well angulated front and rear and she moved freely, well presented and handled. 3 Wilcock’s, Penellcy Maid of Honour. 

OB (6,1) 1 Dunk’s, Ch Bursville Summer Zizana with Zalute, 5 years old, of beautiful type. She is of good size, with a lovely outline. Attractive feminine head, with a beautiful eye and expression and excellent pigmentation. She has good bone and feet and is well angulated front and rear. Excellent topline, and good croup, excellent coat texture. She was excellent coming and going and her side gait was so typical with excellent carriage. Such a sweet temperament, very pleased to award her the CC in a quality line up of bitches and later she would go on to Best of Breed. 2 Bowker & Gibson’s, Desalazara Dancing Queen, 7 years old but in wonderful condition for her age. Very nice type, liked her size and shape and she has a balanced outline. Pleasing head with a nice eye and expression. Good bone and feet, good angulations front and rear. Just losing her topline slightly, but moved out well. Best Veteran. 3 Thornes, Ch Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay. 

VB (1) 1 Pollard’s, Ch Gillandant Sizzling Spice, 8 years old and what a lovely lady. Beautiful head, nice eye and expression. Excellent reach of neck, excellent bone and well developed chest. Good angulations front and rear and still retains an excellent topline. Just drops her head on the move which spoils the overall picture, but a very worthy champion.