Windsor Championship Show 2019

Judge; Mrs Sandie Tadd

Thank Windsor Officers and Committee, for giving me the opportunity to Judge my Breed today at this, one of the loveliest venues in England.

I was looking for certain things to day that seem to be missing in some of our breed of late, things that make our breed special apart from all other ‘white fluffy dogs’, the certain elegance, strong bone, but without heaviness, the labour saving movement, on standing the look that says ‘I can make that mountain in 5 seconds’ but without any flashness, our breed should not be a ‘flashy dog’, it’s a working dog, it’s built to do a job and to do it the best way it can, by not wasting all its energy in prancing movement, also the hook in the tail, tight dry mouths, strong hocks, and medium angulation. My main winners today, in my opinion, were that dog.

Thank you all for a wonderful, not big, but full of quality entry to day.

VD/B 2 (1)
1st/ Kenyon & Ward’s Ch. Charibere Simply Special At Chezanna. This very impressive 7 ½ year old male, gentle expression coming from dark amber eye of correct shape, well placed ears which were well tucked into his head which were small, slightly lose in flews but it was hot, excellent pigmentation, and clean teeth, short neck leading on to good angulation strong bone and tight well knuckled feet, nice length of rib well sprung, well held top line to a good tail set and strong hindquarters, and good strong hocks although could have had a little more length to give a better length of leg over all, all this was covered with a good double coat of the correct texture. Would have liked a little more width of chest as little on the narrow side coming, and a bit close going away. but well deserved of his title. Stood alone but was pleased to award him Best Veteran in breed.

PD 1
1st/ Jones Lisjovia Sky Fall Of Stars, oh my goodness this young lad of 7months old made my day to day, but I guess not his handlers! He was full of himself; it seemed the best way to do anything was at full gallop! Little too much stop for me and slightly lose in the flews, but again excited as he was probably did not help matters, good eye shape and colour, nice well shaped ear at the correct level, good level topline which, when he did do two steps forward at the trot, was held well, he stood at a good height, on tight feet. With little more schooling and learning how to handle him, he could go far as he has a lot of quality, maturity beat him to day also the fact that he was enjoying himself so much, please let him enjoy, but try to calm him just a little so we can see his beauty. BPD.

Junior No Entries.

PGD 4 (2)
1ST/ Cater & Symvoulidis Sketrick Pierre (ai), the head I was looking for in this breed, shut your eyes and let your fingers and hands do the talking. This is a 2 ½ year old boy of good height, with the elegance that this breed should hold, still a bit raw in places but that’s to be expected of the breed at this age, the head is in one, no sticky out bits ‘ as we use to say, slight stop with tight flews, correct dentation , strong pigment all round, correct eye set and colour giving an expression that this breed should be known for, on to a strong neck and width of chest and good medium angulation on the front and back end, would have liked a little more strength in the second thigh, top line although rolled a little on moving, was held well, correct coat texture. Standing this dog was perfectly balanced just needs a little more maturity and muscle. 2nd/ Wells Sketrick Patou (ai), A much ranger litter brother to above, but much the same applies with the head although this lads eye was slightly lighter, still did not distract from the expression I was looking for, this boy is slightly more mature and has the correct muscle tone, also had a much heavier coat which in the heat of the day was not an asset to him, back legs lovely and clean from hair, and only slightly fringed on the front, as the standard asks for. Good strong bone and of good height, level topline on the move and standing, although today was a little apprehensive of which I have not seen in him before also not moving as well as I’ve seen him do so in the past, although a hundred percent sound, I think it was just the heat, shame as this cost him first place in this class. pleased to say was moved at the correct steady pace.
Two lovely boys, and I am sure will change places often, both had the desired hooks in their tails.

LD/ 5 (2)
1ST/ Waters Zagal De Alba De Los Danzantes With Sketrick (imp Esp) a 3 year old lad beginning to come into maturity, again coming from this kennel shown in tip top condition and cleanness also again stunningly beautiful head so well balanced, perfect pigmentation on tight lips, and dry mouth, even with the heat today, correct dentation, obliquely set eyes of good colour with the thick eyeliner of black around them, close fitting ears set on correctly, strong short neck and good shoulders with plenty of muscle. Well held topline on the move and standing. A powerful looking dog with no coarseness whatsoever, I would have liked a stronger movement on the rear but again the heat of the day could have curtailed this, lovely angulation all round and good length of leg, again with the obligatory hook in the tail, dew claws on separate pads and fixed to the bone as required, hind feet could be a little tighter. Pushed hard for top honours, just lost out to being a bit lazy in hind quarters to day. RDCC
2nd/ Duffell’s Ricaduffal Draco Star totally different type to any above but could not be ignored today, this 2 ½ year old lad was so well balanced and really needed hands on to appreciate his qualities, broad head of good ear set and colour and because of the colouring on his head it needed to be felt as it gave a false impression , his stop was correct as was his eye set, tight flews, and correct detention with the two central lower incisors’ which is acceptable in our breed, dropped lower, slightly straight in upper arm but being shorter on the leg did not hinder his movement too much, strong in back and loins and good angulation on the rear. Moved well out and back.
3rd/ Edwards Shanlimore Lorenzo. This young lad just needs time as it’s all there but still very much a baby at two years old, tends to stand with straight stifle, but on going over him he has got the angulation there, try not to over stretch him, as when he was standing naturally he looked good as soon as hands were laid on to stack he didn’t want to play the game.

OD.4 (2)
1st/ Meakins Noah Du Val De Pyrene (imp Fra) At 21 months of age, this was a lad of very noble bearing and was much ranger than most here today, with much more the rougher outer coat, which was correct being harsh and weather proof all through, lovely head, again no lumps or bumps, just a slight stop with no eyebrows protruding, good eye set with correct colour and giving a lovely expression, no broken pigmentation just solid black all through, nice short neck and good shoulders and angulation, well held topline standing, and on the move his head level with his shoulders and with his ‘daisy cutting’ action, the whole of his outline was flowing in the most labour saving way which was so well balanced and covered the ground so well, moved with purpose with absolutely no exaggerations in any department. Well-fixed dew claws which were nice and low, Good hook in the tail and as all the dogs today wheeled his tail on the move. Won through on type and movement. DCC & BOB
2nd/ Nagrecha, Mattison-Sandstrom & Sandstrom’s Ch Vi'skaly's My Way Or No Way To Chandlimore (Imp Swe) this lovely boy of four years old has done it all, and everything has been said, I judged him about two years ago and I must say he’s come on in leaps and bounds in all the muscle departments since then, he has the most appealing eyes, so soft and gentle giving the expression needed, of correct colour and shape, small ears well tucked in, if anything I would like a slightly smaller head in general, out of coat at the moment but groomed to perfection and looking the part on standing. I have seen this lad move more honestly and truly, again it could have been the heat.


PB 1
1st/ Asher’s Trixylee a Star Is Born This lovely tall 11 month old girl is going to need time, as it’s all there but very raw at the moment, lovely head coming with a correctly set eye of good colour tight lips, complete detention, and deep black pigmentation all through, moved well out and back being straight in both directions and holding her topline at all times, as already said she needs time as she’s narrow all through at the moment, but pups can either go up, making height, or out, making fat, and she’s doing it the correct way. Shame her owner could not stay for the puppy group, but made the right decision to go home out of the heat as I believe this was only her first really big show. BPB & BPIB

JB 1
1st/ Pollards Gillandant Ophelia, What a stunningly pretty bitch! At just 13 months old with a lovely head consisting of correct eye shape and colour, tight lips, correct dentition, good pigmentation all round, still immature all through at the moment, would have like better angulation front and rear, and a bit more leg length, but still has time, good coat and groomed to perfection.

PGB No entries

Limit Bitch
1st/ Flounders Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni (ai) My find of the day! I have always admired this young lady from outside the ring, but because she’s not flashy seems to have been passed by, but not today. At 2 ½ year of age she is just beginning to mature, and she has the most exquisitely feminine head with blackest of pigment on nose lips and eyes, well set ears little large but when head is finished will fit, a gentle stop with no eyebrows, again I shut my eyes and let my hands do the talking, still a little narrow all through but she still has a lot of time before fully mature, and as I have already commentated they either go up or out and this girlie is doing it correctly, up first, wonderful movement out and back at the correct pace nothing flashy just head down and get on with it movement. Held her topline throughout, good strong bone lovely length of leg, feet could be a little tidier, good hook in tail. BB & BCC.
2nd/ Downes Febus Fleurac (ai) At 18 months old this young lady is a different type, shorter in leg and heavier in build, but still a lovely bitch but nowhere near as mature a first, good head with correct colour eye and of good shape, ears are set a bit high, but because there were two dogs outside the ring play fighting, and another had just got free and ran through our ring, she was a bit unsettled, good lay of shoulder and well held topline, tends to move and stand narrow in front but her chest has not dropped yet and that could alter, she moved well and was in good clean coat.

OB 1
1st/ Waters Hema Lux Opifex Immanis With Sketrick (imp prt) this bitch had the lovely light wolf grey colour that I adore she a very pretty girl slightly heavier in head but still has all the points that the breed should be known for as in correct eye set, her eye is a little lighter than I would like, but does not distract from that far away ‘dreaming of the mountains’ expression our breed should be known for, wonderful pigmentation on lips, eyes, mouth and nose. Correct ratio on head and good fill in under eyes, short well-muscled neck, well held topline standing and in movement, shorter on leg and heavier in body than usual coming from this kennel, and she did not have the certain elegance I was looking for of the fist in limit, but still a lovey bitch and at only just over 3 years of age, still has some maturing to do. Again, good hook in tail, moved around the ring in a steady gait covering the ground well, and being very economical with the energy she was using in moving from A to B as our breed should be. RBCC.