SEPMDC Club Open Show 2019

Darren Clarke

Many thanks to the Officers and Committee of the SE PMD Club for the invitation to judge their show held back-to - back with Southern Counties Ch show. As the breed was first in the ring, I obviously kept well away beforehand so all the dogs would be new to me and I could judge the entry with ‘fresh’ eyes.
Overall the entry was pleasing in both numbers and quality. Head type varied slightly but I was able to find the correctly shaped head, with minimal stop, well filled under the eye thus giving a blunt, wedge-shaped appearance, in all my winners.
Conformation, bone and bodies were generally good but front movement needs watching as does depth of chest, as some were narrow here which is not functional in a working dog.
Eye shape, pigment and bites were good as were coats, especially for the time of year. Thanks for the hospitality and for a great day, I enjoyed it enormously!

JD (2)
1st Goodman’s Lisjovia Avichi With Annanya
. Pleasing for type and overall outline. Good head shape, correct eye and small, well set ears. Good length and lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Chest ok for age, muscular loin and moderately angled rear. Moved well once settled.

2nd Carter’s Jumicar Casanova. Larger dog with plenty of strength and substance all through. Strong head, good skull shape but a bit deep in stop. Eye shape ok but could be darker. Good body and outline. Sound enough on the move but needs to firm-up coming to. Good double coat, well presented.

YD (1) 1st J Casanova.

ND (1) 1st J Casanova.

PGD (4)
1st Well’s Sketric Patou
. Big, strong dog with that hint of elegance. Pleasing head shape, well proportioned with minimal stop. Good eye shape and pigment. Strong neck. Balanced angles front and back. Excellent body and correct tail. Free mover from side gait, needs to settle further out and back. Thick, double coat.

2nd Thorne’s Kricano Konstellation At Pyrajay. Smaller, finer dog all through that has come on a lot since I last judged him. Lovely outline, balanced and good body. OK in head, correct eye and expression. Still needs to fill in chest. Sound, easy mover. Good coat.
3rd Stratton-Baldwin’s Kricano Kinetic. Litter brother to 2nd and similar in many ways, in fact, he is slightly more mature at present. Good head, body and angles, just not as collected on the move.

LD (5) A lovely class to judge.
1st Edwards’ Shanlimore Lorenzo
. Such a promising young dog that must have a great future. Super blunt, wedge-shaped head, balanced and masculine but not coarse in any way. Correct almond, dark eye, good pigment. Moderate neck and angles front and back.Strong bone and body. Stands on functional feet. Correct tail set and length. In lovely coat and condition. Moved out well with a sound, moderate stride. RBD.

2nd Water’s Zagal De Alba De Los Danzantes With Sketrick. Impressive, masculine dog with one of the best heads here today. Strong, reachy neck leading to a well laid shoulder, just a touch upright in upper arm. Shapely topline, firm, muscular loins. Good rear angulation leading to strong hocks. Good tail set and carriage. Approaching 3 years so not quite at full maturity but should easily gain his title. Moved very well from all directions. Good coat and presentation. 
3rd Flouders’ Gillandant Spirit Of Xmas At Lakmoni. Attractive Blaireau dog. Medium sized and of good basic type. Pleasing enough in head, moderate angles and well bodied. Moved well.

OD (3) Three pleasing, mature dogs here, just all slightly different for type.
1st Baverstock’s Kalkasi’s Expect Only The Best
. Took my eye with his fabulous outline, masculinity and overall presence. Head of good shape and strength and well balanced. Good eye shape, dark and expressive. Well pigmented. Small, well set ears. Excellent reach of neck leading to a well angled front. Could drop in chest a fraction more but sufficient. Strong bone and correct oval feet. Excellent body shape. Strong quarters. Moved with drive, covering the ground soundly with a moderate stride. In lovely, double coat. I gather he is sitting on 2 CCs, hopefully his title won’t be far away. Well presented and handled. BD & BIS

2nd Reilly’s Ir Ch Lisjova Boris Bear At Darmaror. This eye-catching, masculine boy is difficult to overlook for his presentation and showmanship. Overall, very pleasing all through. Strong head, broad skull and muzzle, balanced but just a bit deep in stop and loose in lip line. Reachy neck, good conformation which comes together on the move, where he shows a sound, economical stride. Good to see him use and carry his tail with the characteristic ‘wheel’.
3rd Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply Magic At Chezanna. Another lovely dog. So much to like. Good enough head, eye could be darker to enhance expression. Excellent deep chest and overall depth all through. Well made and a sound mover. Presented in good, clean condition and an excellent double coat.

VD/B (2)
1st Keyon & Ward’s Ch. Charibere Simply Special At Chezanna
. Well known boy who is a favourite of mine. Now 8 years and still giving his all in the ring. Pleasing head, dark, almond eye and excellent pigmentation. Copy book conformation and an excellent mover. Excellent coat and condition. Pleased to see him again and to award him BVIS.

2nd Pollard’s Ch. Gillandant Sizzling Spice. Also 8 years old and what a super bitch this girl is. Lovely head shape and excellent balance in outline. Mature in body with good depth of chest and strong bone for her size. Everything to like but think she was feeling the heat today as she lacked enthusiasm on the move, very sound though.

JB (4) A good class of young bitches, not much between any of them.
1st Pollard’s Gillandant Ophelia
. Youngest but the most mature in the class. The most lovely, shapely, feminine head. Good eye shape, tight lip line and excellent pigment. Good to go over on the stack with sound conformation and movement to match. In good double coat. Should have a great future. RBB.

2nd Baverstock’s Kalkasi Super Cool. Loved this bitch too. She has a typical outline. Good reach of neck, medium angles front and back and firm hocks. Slightly narrow all through compared to 1st, but should fill her frame with maturity. Good mover and well presented coat. Interesting to note both 1st and 2nd in this class are sired by BIS winner today will take more time to mature to her best. Pleasing head, pigment and conformation. Easy mover although she did ‘crab’ out and back.

YB (1)
1st K Super Coo

UGB (1)
1st Goodwin’s Lisjovia Adagio
. Stood reserve in the strong Junior class. Much to like. Good head and pigment. A bit loose in lip line. Correctly set small ears. Enough neck and chest developing well. Good body shape, just needs to firm-up in topline. Easy, sound mover.

PGB (1)
1st L Adagio.

LB (2)
1st Downes’ Febus Fleurac
. Strong but feminine bitch. Lovely type. Head with minimal stop, just a gentle slope. Good eye shape, colour and excellent pigment. Excellent neck. Good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Can fill in chest further. Holds her outline well. Good hind angulation. Sound mover. Excellent coat, beautifully presented. Close-up in the challenge.

2nd Flounder’s Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni. Slightly different type to 1st but equally correct. Good head and typical expression. Good reach of neck and depth of chest. Medium angles front and back. Excellent outline, albeit she does lose her topline at times. Good body. Moved well, just a bit restricted on the rear. Good tail set and carried well.

OB (4)
1st Bavistock’s Kalkasi Expect To Be A Star
. And indeed she was my star of the day! A really beautiful bitch from any angle. Feminine for size and outlook but lacks nothing in substance or bone. Clean, shapely head, excellent eye with a typical stoic expression. Reachy neck, good width and depth of chest. Balanced both in outline and front and back angles. Moved well from all directions. Pushed her sibling all the way in the challenge for BIS, just giving way to his overall presence. Loved her! BB, RBIS & BOS.

2nd Thorne’s Ch. Belshanmish Pretty In Pink. Worthy Ch. Liked her for size and femininity and like 1st, lacks nothing in depth all through. As a real air of quality about her and is pleasing to go over on the stack. Good enough head shape but, perhaps, could have a bit more fill under her eye. Excellent mover, good tail and super presentation and handling.
3rd Tadd & Horwood’s Kricarno Krystal Kopykat. Slightly different type to those above her. Taller and rangier built but no mistaking her gender. Liked her head and expression. Generally well made but could have a bit more bone. Moved out well and was handled to best advantage. Promising, but at 18 months, just needs to fill her frame and coat-up which will come in time.