Manchester PMD

Judge  Albert Wight 

I was a bit disappointed with the overall quality of today's entry as I feel the breed is losing much of the breed type I recall from yesteryear.  That noble almost aristocratic expression is vanishing with some heads becoming too big and exaggerated, eyes no longer almond & losing that almost benign, kind, endearing gaze which is how I see the breed. Ears larger than I like,  necks on some are almost swanlike in length and I found several with undersprung ribcages  which do not carry back far enough so the loin is over long.  And to end my complaints, there were so few which had the turned tail tip. On the plus side the good movers were really good which is always a plus when considering for Group placements. 

PD (2/1)
1 Carter's Jumicar Casanova. A good start to the day with this all male headed youngster. Tall, excellent substance throughout, good length of leg, decent forechest, ribs well sprung and such a good, level back leading to a well rounded croup and decent length tail which is well furnished. His head is good, so balanced, very good backskull and clean in cheek. His profile action is smooth with good drive but he paddles a bit when fore viewed. But a deserved BP. 

1 Bunyan's Kensteen Thelon, this more than playful youngster really had me smiling as he has a super temperament, adored being in the ring and whatever his handler desired he thought he should do differently!  He is a good overall type, especially good head and expression from really lovely eyes.  Strong shortish neck, so well ribbed, in excellent coat and a nicely rounded rump. Difficult to assess on the move as he either ambled or bounced.Take your choice!  Needs ring training  but is certainly worth persevering with.  

1 Edward's Shanlimore Lorenzo  youngster of good make and shape. I liked his head shape, not overdone in stop, well weighted muzzle, good pigmentation and tight lips. Enough neck, lovely spring of rib and straight forelegs.  I would like him to have a tad more hind angulation as in profile he could show a little more drive.  Another which needs to settle in front.  Well coated and presented.
2 Dickson's Kalkasi Fields of Gold, very strong all male in head with super eyes and that soft, knowing expression. He is well ribbed, the back is level and firm with a decent tail set. Lacks turn at the hock and as a result he is short stepping in profile and too close in hock when viewed going away. A credit in coat.
3 Thorne's Kricarno Konstellation at Pyrajay. 

1 Baverstock's Kalkasi Expect Only The Best, tall with a hint of elegance on the stack. I liked his head and expression from such good, well coloured and shaped eyes, neck a little over long for me, backline firm and croup nicely rounded. He is well pigmented, was in super coat and pleased in side action. At present I feel he lacks width in forechest so was a bit too narrow when coming towards me. 

(5/1) 1st CC & BOB Nagrecha, Mattisson-Sandstrom & Sandstrom's Ch Viskalys My Way Or No Way to Chandlimore (Imp)  a classic type for size, substance, outline and that deceptively light footed, athletic stride as he circles the ring with such ease and purpose. His head is a delight, all male yet devoid of coarseness in any way. Clean, smooth, nicely rounded skull without prominent eyebrows, the cheeks clean and his ears are so neat.  The shape flows, he is so well boned and was presented masterfully.  Looked every inch a Champion and was more than worthy to send through to the group. 2nd & Res CC  Charibere Simply Magic at Chezanna JW ShCM. I believe was collecting his 8th res CC and he has all the qualities required to go on to become a Champion.  He is a quality example of the breed, his profile action is ground covering and effortless and confirms his correct construction. His head is lovely, the eyes so bright and expressive and as always from this exhibitor his jacket was spotless.3 Reilly's Lisjovia Boris Bear at Daramor. 

VD (1) 
1st & BV Kenyon & Ward's Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna JW ShCM, such a worthy Champion and looking much less than his 7 years.  All male but with that elusive look of being exactly what his name says. Something Special.  In lovely bloom he can still show some of the youngsters how to move. 

1 Baverstock's Kalkasi Super Cool, won this very mixed class as she was the most accomplished on the move. Nicely headed, good neck, level back, and good rear angulation. She needs to fill out in forechest as she moves close in front which swung the BP award to the dog.
2 Pollard's Gillandant Ophelia, size smaller all over although amply weighted bone.  Pleasing head, good neck, very good spring and depth of rib, well set tail and shown in good coat. Did not give of her best on the move as she would go so far then side wind despite her handler's best efforts. She just needs time and practise to get her act together.
3 Goodwin's Lisjovia Adagio. 

1 Downs' Febus Fleurac. I liked this youngster a lot.  She has style, an air of quality, a beautiful head, eyes and expression, strong neck, so well ribbed, spotless in coat and ample substance throughout for the fair sex. I would not want her to carry any more weight and hopefully as she matures she will settle to show a more balanced profile action.  
2nd  G, Ophelia.
3 Davies' Charibee Starry Night. 

1 Wilcock's Penelicy Maid of Honour, not the tallest bitch but so shapely and balanced.  So well boned, ample spring and depth of rib, firm back and well set tail.  Her head pleased me other than I would prefer her ears a tad smaller, but her eyes are a lovely shape and so expressive. Her sound, free action earned the red card.
2 Edward's Shanlimore Raffaella, very much between coats so looked leggy and unfinished when compared to the winner. Good skull, eyes and ears, just a little too definite stop definition for me, the ribs well developed, lovely forelegs and feet but not quite the smoothness and balance in profile action of the winner.  Will look better once in full coat. 

1 Cochrane's Pyromi Colours of the Wind for Mystoksci such a sound moving, light actioned bitch.  Not the biggest but the overall picture is very pleasing.  I liked her head shape, neat ears, dark eyes giving that soft gaze, strong neck, firm in back and very good hindquarters. Coat not quite at it's best but she was a very worthy class winner.  

1st & CC Thorne's Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay, such a delight to watch on the move, controlled power, light footed and giving the impression she could go all day with the rhythm of a metronome. She is blessed with a really good headpiece, stunning expression, shapely outline and uses her tail so well on the move. Immaculate in jacket and did everything asked of her and I believe this is her 8th CC win.  Well done and so deserved.
2nd & Res CC Kenyon & Ward's Ch Charibere Simply A Dream at Chezanna JW, another top class bitch and such a worthy Champion.  Like the winner she is fleet footed, has sheer breed type in spades, her coat was beautifully presented and she did everything her handler asked of her.
3  Ford's Desalazara Dancing Queen