Thank you to the Committee of City of Birmingham Championship Show for giving me the opportunity To judge my lovely breed . Thank you to all the Exhibitors who entered under me. All dogs had correct dentition and all dewclaws present and correct.

VD 1,1

PD 1.0 .
st Shepherd Mrs DL
- Vi'skaly's Hazuki Del Avantgarde Ai Imp
A lovely puppy with a nice head correct ear placement and lovely deep pigment, eyes of correct almond shape. Good body which should develop in time particularly in the topline, well presented ,did not settle on the move today which was a shame .

JD . 2 ,0
1st Goodman Mr GW. & Mrs C.K. - Lisjovia Avicii with Annanya.
Strong head correct ear and eye placements , deep chest, good strong topline, well developed for a 16 month old dog. medium angulation, ran out well and nicely presented.

2nd Woodward Mr & Mrs J - Lisjovia Galactica.
Litter brother to 1 and splitting hairs on first and second placings. Another nice dog and all the attributes of 1 just preferred the head of 1 and just beaten by his brother on his movement today .

PGD .3,2 -
st Woodward Mr & Mrs J Lisjovia Galactica

LD .5,1
st Edwards Mrs CA - Shanlimore Lorenzo.
Very impressed with this youngster good head and lovely expression correct eye and ear placement . Strong in body ,correct straight topline , presented a super outline and strode out well on the move. Presentation of this dog was second to none. I was pleased to reward him RDCC .

2nd Dearman Ms S & Henson Mr M - Shiresoak Nanook At Pyrekees.
Another lovely handsome dog with lovely Blaireau markings giving him such a fabulous expression, excellent pigment, lovely dark eyes . Nice head, good strong body correct medium angulation, moved out well very nicely presented.

3rd Duffell Mr I Ricaduffal Draco Star.

OD. 3,0
st Baverstock Mr & Mrs I & Y - Kalkasi Expect Only The Best.
Loved this dog from being a youngster. I have seen him grow into a beautiful mature tall elegant dog. He has a lovely head of correct proportions in ear and eye placements. Mature body, well sprung ribcage, correct medium angulation, his topline is strong and straight creating a lovely outline and on the move he strides out freely full of himself. I was pleased to reward him CC BOB which makes him up now to a worthy champion.

2nd . Holmes Miss LW - Ch Lisjovia Estevez .
Another tall mature dog strong in head and muzzle correct proportions of eye and ear placements . Mature strong body again creating a lovely outline with a good straight correct topline. Didn't stride out or run as well as no 1 however a lovely dog and a worthy champion.

3rd . Reilly Lady S Ir Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear.

GCD No Entries

VB No Entries

PB. 1, 0
st Asher Mr P - Patablanca Phoenix.
A lovely sweet young baby puppy, loved her head and beautiful dark eyes and pigment, loved her expression. Obviously has to mature in body and her movement was a bit erratic today . However this puppy should have a bright future . I was pleased to award her BP .

JB. 4,1
st Baverstock Mr & Mrs I & Y - Kalkasi Super Cool.
An impressive young bitch , gorgeous head and lovely dark eyes . Mature in body for such a youngster, and has her name suggests she is super cool just takes everything in her stride . Makes you look at her and on the move striding out she owns the ring, pleased to award her RBCC and BJ.

nd Pollard Mrs G - Gillandant Ophelia.
A lovely young bitch much finer in the head than 1, and finer in the body, however a lovely lady. Correct almond shaped eyes ,correct medium angulation in lovely condition and presented well. Good topline and nice outline overall, she moved well on the out and back and strode out well.

3rd Goodwin Mr C & Mrs K Lisjovia Adagio.

1st Tadd Mr & Mrs RM& SA - Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan.

A tall very striking bitch, good outline nice feminine head, dark almond correct shaped eyes. Would have liked a bit more body. She has got medium correct angulation and strode out well, a girl to watch in the future.

2nd Goodwin Mr C & Mrs K Lisjovia Adagio.
Another youngster with a good future, nice feminine head, a lot more body than I and the same attributes apply , correct eye and ear set , good rear angulation , lacking in coat today, ran okay but lost her sparkle today. I have seen this bitch move a lot better.

LB 5,3
1st Holmes Miss LW - Lisjovia Kiyonari.

Lots of coat and good presentation on this lovely bitch, I liked her a lot, feminine head ,super jet black pigment , loved her expression not the tallest in the class but she had all the right attributes ran and held her topline well on the move, handled well

nd Tadd, Mr RW & Mrs SA & Horwood Ms A - Kricarno Kopykat.
A tall elegant bitch totally different type to 1, preferred head of 1 but still a lovely bitch well presented and handled I would have preferred more coat and body ,she has a fabulous straight strong topline , correct medium angulation and ran to perfection for her handler.
OB 8, 3 The largest class of the day.
1st Waters Mrs LG - Ch Hema Lux Opifex Immanis with Sketrick (imp)

 I adored the look of this very pretty bitch, Blaireau markings a very feminine head, eyes of good colour, lovely body strong topline medium correct angulation , good tail set , in good coat presented well moved out well unhurried good gait. Pleased to award her BCC which I believe is her third making her a worthy champion.

nd Baverstock Mr Mrs I & Y - Kalkasi Moonlit Shadow.
Tall feminine elegant bitch, which I liked the look of immediately she entered the ring. Nice head, good body, well ribbed with clean lines . Medium angulation and nice tail set. Moved out well and considered her for R
BCC however she lost out to the youngster today from Junior.

3rd Thorn Mrs RS & Mr JR - Ch Belshanish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay