Judge  Stuart Mallard

A great honour to judge your impressive breed at this prestigious show, Crufts 2018. There were several worthy specimens on show but I found the overall standard somewhat disappointing.  It's not unusual to find divergence in head type but I was concerned to some degree by the number of exhibits that were short in leg thus spoiling the overall balance.  A few carried coats that were rather soft in texture while others could have been presented to better advantage.  Movement was sound and more than acceptable. I'm sorry we had a late start.  The atmosphere was good and I thank you for your sportsmanship.  I enjoyed my time amongst you and the opportunity to go over your dogs. 

VD (2)
1  Baverstock's Ch/Ir Ch Kalkasi in High Spirits JW.  Very typical and presenting a typical and balanced profile.  His head has strength without coarsness,  strong muzzle, gentle stop. Good pigmentation and well filled in under the eye.  Moderate neck and layback to shoulder into well boned limbs and tidy feet.  Body with shape and well ribbed back, gentle slope to croup with muscular moderately defined hindquarters, moved soundly and freely with good tail carriage.
2   Ford, Kalkasi Dances with Wolves for Montimur.  Decent head and pigment although I just preferred lighter stop of 1.  Strong bone with balanced body and useful hindquarters.  Moved soundly but lacked the enthusiasm of 1. 

PD (1)
1 Dickson's Kalkasi Fields of Gold.  11 months, upstanding with just enough bone.  Head developing, dark eye and pigmentation.  Can stand a tad narrow in front.  Good topline, shape to waist with underline moderately drawn up.  Reasonable hindquarters.  Moved steady at times.  Well presented. 

JD (4)
1    Robinson, Penellcy Warrior of the Gods.  Well balanced and maturing to advantage.  Proportioned head with shape to skull and strength of muzzle.  Dark almond eye set well with pigment to enhance. Filled in under the eye with clean cheeks.  Eyes set well and not over large.  Strength to well constructed forehand and ample bone.  Moderate neck flows cleanly into reasonable topline.  Convincing mover with good carriage.  Thick coat of good texture. 
2  Cubello, Night Owl.  Very promising with a clean head and attributes, lovely expression.  Shapely ribcage comes well back and he carries reasonable bone. 
3   Asher, Pyrdanzer Tosca.  Balanced outline with head in proportion.  Dark well pigmented eye obliquely set giving desired expression.  Preferred forehand of those above.  Body developing and a steady mover. 

PGD (11,1)
1 Baverstock,  Kalkasi Expect Only the Best.  Upstanding lad maturing well he carries a proportioned head, not overstated with attributes to enhance.  His moderate neck and forehand are supported by strong bone and he has a body of substance with defined waist and developed hindquarters.  A worthy breed representative. 
2.  Flounders, Gillandant Spirit of Xmas at Lakamoni.  Some way to go yet with his development but he is very honest to go over.  Is quite well balanced and imparts a touch of class with sound movement and impressive carriage.
3.  Holmes,  Lisjovia Estevez.  Impressed for breed type and strength to head although I favoured more moderate stop of those above.  Excellent forehand assembly, reasonable body into moderately constructed hindquarters.  Moved true enough but a little lazy today. 

LD (11,2) 
1 Reilly, Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror JW.  Quality lad, balanced and upstanding, sound with masses of appeal with the benefit of a stunning outline.  His head is well appointed having strength to muzzle and shape to skull.  Stop could be a shade less defined to be ideal.  He is soundly constructed and has strong timber with body of substance and muscular hindquarters. He moved soundly but not with enthusiasm or tail carriage.  Superb coat and presentation and a very close up contender. 
2 Downes, Belshanmish Orange Crush.  Impressive balanced outline and correct breed type.  I marginally favoured the front of 1.  He is balanced in outline and carries ample bone.  Typical sound action.  Quality coat with texture and correct finish.
3  Downes, Rivergroves all the Right Moves 11 at Belshanmish.  Well proportioned with balanced outline.  Reasonable head, dark well appointed eye and pigmentation.  Ribcage sprung and carried well back.  Sound laid back action.

OD (14,1)
1 Bowker & Gibson's Ch  Febus Mauvezin JW. My ideal in so many respects.  Harmonious and masculine without overstatement.  Superb head with dark obliquely placed almond eye,  strong muzzle with some shape to skull.  His frame is so well built with the correct strong bone to support it.  His body has substance and shape with his sprung ribcage carried well back and a discernible waist.  Gentle slope to croup into correct tail set.  Developed, well muscled thighs, moderate turn of stifle and strong hocks.  He made the most of his opportunity to move which was typical and sound carrying his plumed tail to advantage.  Quality well textured thick coat.  Well deserved CC and BOB. 
2 Mattisson, Sandstrom & Nagrecha's Ch  Vi'skaly's My Way or No Way to Chandlimore.  Masculine with quality and breathtakingly presented.  Excellent specimen, masculine with some refinement.  Well proportioned head carried on moderate neck into well constructed frame and strong bone.  In my opinion he doesn't need any more substance and although sound on the move he seemed reluctant.  His tail is set well but not used to advantage.  He is a most worthy lad and Champion sporting a quality cost and the best presented in this entry. RDCC. 
3 Kenyon Ward & Bermingham's  Cheribere Simply Magic at Chezanna JW.  All male with a reasonable head, moderate neck into clean shoulders,  strong bone and good feet.  Nicely ribbed back body with substance.  Moved soundly and sported a decent coat. 

VB (3,2)
1 Koenders-Van Boekel, Int/Nl/De/Lu Ch Macthree Khuddleigh.  Fairly well balanced 7 yo, she is feminine with balanced head in proportion to body.  Dark eye and pigmentation.  She carries ample bone has depth to brisket and body of substance.  Reasonable hindquarters produced steady movement.  Quality coat. 

PB (3)
1 .  Bowker & Gibson, Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus, a star in the making. Her head is developing well, she is balanced, feminine, has good bone down to reasonable feet.  Depth to brisket and shapely ribcage which comes well back.  She presented a balanced silhouette  and held her topline very well using her tail when asked to move.  Her coat which is coming well was presented to advantage, she pushed very hard for the BCC.  Well deserved RBCC.  I'm sure her time will come. 
2  Haley,  Kalkasi Lilac Wine at Mistymia.  Balanced with strength to gently shaped headpiece. Eye a tad bold, excellent pigmentation.  Body of substance with shapely ribcage.  Moved with scope although I just favoured hindquarters of 1. 
3   Haley, Kalkasi Blue Moon at Mistymia.  Pleased for breed type with a quality head developing.  She is balanced and not overdone but was a little cloddy and lethargic on the move. 

JB (7.3)
1  Flounders' Sketrick Papagena at Lakamoni.  Well grown and beautifully constructed, just requires time to fill frame.  Quality head developing, well appointed dark almond eye gives an appealing expression. Moderately defined forehand with strong bone into reasonable feet.  Well ribbed back to useful hindquarters and comfortable movement.  Textured coat well presented. 
2 Water' Sketrick Purdita.  Similar mould and very close up. Clean head with gentle slope dividing strong muzzle from moderately shaped skull.  Ears small and placed about right. Pleasing front assembly with hindquarters to compliment. Moved steady. 
3  Wilcock, Penellcy  Maid of Honour.  Feminine and developing with strength of frame and convincing angles but needs to come up a little on the leg.  Shown in excellent condition. 

PGB (10,1)
1 Holmes, Lisjovia Emilio.  Fulfils the breed standard in most respects, has presence and is a confident sound mover with good deportment.  Head just a shade heavy for my ideal.  Very cleanly constructed forehand with bone to match and hindquarters that compliment. Will benefit from a little more substance.  Lovely coat presented to advantage.  Should have a bright future. 
2 Tadd, Kricarno Kornish Kontessa.  Well grown with quality head in pro to balanced body, sound limbs to body with shape and substance.  Preferred hind action of 1. 
3 Waters, Hema Lux Opifex Immanis with Sketrick.  Impressive outline with balanced head in proportion.  Just favoured eyes of those above.  Well constructed front and hindquarters. 

LB (9,2)
1  Baverstock, Kalkasi Expect to be a Star.  Just turned two I considered this lady embodied the breed standard.  She is pretty without weakness and carries a near classic head.  She has a strong frame with everything as one could wish for. Totally sound typical action and correct deportment.  Sporting a beautiful coat which was turned out to perfection.  A pleasure to award her the BCC. 
2  Pollard's Gillandant Xmas Spice.  Reasonable head with attributes to enhance.   Moderate neck into clean front assembly.  Strong bone but I just preferred leg length of 1.  Her muscular hindquarters produced sound typical movement.  I admired her quality coat which was beautifully presented. 
3 Wilcock's Montimur Sweet Child of Mine at Penellcy.  Typy, powerfully built and honest to assess but not quite the refinement of those above.  Sound on the move.  Shown in good nick. 

OB (15,3)
1 Ford's Montimur Iris of the Storm.  Lovely outline from a strong well constructed frame.  She retains her femininity and carries a typical head although I would favour a slightly less defined stop.  Her construction represents the standard very well. Correct substance and strong bone down to decent feet.  Moved true.  Pleasing coat of correct texture. 
2   Bayliss, Ch  Shiresoak She's the One JW.  Quality lady conveying strength and femininity.   Pleases for type and good to go over.  I felt she didn't use her sound construction to full advantage when required to move. Correct coat and presentation. 
3 Kenyon Ward & Bermingham's Ch Charibere Simply a Dream at Chazanna JW.  I liked this lady and considered her very typical. Not quite as clean in throat as those above.  She is very well constructed, sound and shown in excellent condition.