Windsor 2018

Judge Gill Pollard

My thanks to Windsor Committee for my judging appointment. Always like this show, so very hot today. All dogs coped with the conditions, excellent temprements. Quality dogs to go over. Presentation in most dogs excellent. All dogs had correct double dew claws. Very pleased with my main winners for breed type. My BOB was shortlisted in the Group. My thanks to my to stewards for keeping the ring running smoothly, Steve Brown & Chris Rayment. 

PD  (2,1)
1  Keith's Charibere My Sweet Lord At Beverlenn. 7 months, tall boy for age, has correct shaped head, no stop, lovely eye and expression, well pigmented lips. Dentition good. Strong topline with good bone. Medium angles, correct turn of stifle. Tail down past his hocks. Moves out free and easy. 

PGD (4)
1 Waters' Zagal De Alba De Los Danzantes With Sketrick (imp). 2 year old, impressive for size with good overall shape, he has a super head on him, what is called for by the breed standard, no stop, his head when viewed from above forms a blunt V, lovely eye giving true expression. Excellent pigment, good dentition. Good depth to chest, strongly boned. Holds his top line on the move. Pleased to award him Res Dog CC.
2 Thorne's Kricarno Konstellation At Pyrajay. Not so big as first, balanced for size, nice shaped head with no stop, would prefer darker eye, pigment good. Just needs more body on him. Moved out in side profile ok, but just moves close behind. 

LD (5,1) my notes say a very strong class and first and second will keep changing places, both lovely dogs. I felt that they both had good breed virtues, first just having the edge in maturity.
1 Baverstock's Expect Only The Best. 2 year old light blaireau, has size and substance. Good head type  with correct eye and colour, excellent pigment. Has body and good depth to chest, with bone to match, correct angles. Moved out very positively.
2 Rivergroves All The Right Moves At Belshanmish (imp usa). 2 years old, just needs more maturity, his time will come. Lovely head shape, eye, excellent pigment, good dentition. Level topline  straight front, good bone and angulation.holds his topline on the move, he has a sound easy gait. Fluidity springs to mind. 

OD (5,1)
1 Nagrecha, Mattison-Sandstrom & Sandstrom's Ch Vi'Skaly's My Way Or No Way To Chandlimore (imp). 3 year old who i have judged before giving him res cc. Lacking coat today but could not deny his quality. Beautiful head that fits the breed standard, love his eye and expression, level topline, good body and bone and short compact feet. As always presented to perfection. He moves out round the ring at one with his handler. Pleased to award him Dog CC & BOB.
2 Reilly's Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror.18 months, lots to like about this youngster, just needs more maturity for me. Tall boy, love his eye and colour, good shape to head, would like tighter flews, just a bit strong through muzzle for me. He is very balanced, has a good front with correct bone, holds a good top line on the move, would like tidier feet, good length to tail, which he uses well on the move. Excellent mover, always looking at his owner. 

PB (1)
1  Downes' Febus Fleurac. 6 months and 2 days, catches your eye, liked her make and shape, light blaireau, correct head shape and good eye shape and colour, full pigmentation. Straight front, well boned, medium angulation, just right for body, growing very evenly. Well presented. Very positive front and rear on movement, for one so young, pleased to award her BPIB. 

JB (5,1)
1  Edwards' Shanlimore Raffaella. 12 months, blaireau, well up for size, and has the maturity with it. Lovely head and eye, correct shape eye and colour. Excellent pigment correct dentition. Good body and well boned, correct length of tail, strong hocks. Moved positivly at one with her handler.As always excellent presentation from this kennel. 2 Bowker & Gibson's Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus. 13 months, very pretty with lovely expression, tight well pigmented lips. At the moment her head still needs to fill out to balance it, as her muzzle is just a little longer. She has good shape and topline. Once settled she moved out well, using her tail in a wheel over her back. Another excellently presented. Just thought she lacked maturity today. 

PGB (4,1)
1 Waters' Hema Lux Opifex Immanis With Sketrick (imp). 2 year old, beautiful, lovely head shape, with correct shaped eye, excellent pigment and dentition, tight lips. Has size and bone, with straight forelegs, good body and coat, correct rear angulation. Moved out well round the ring. Pleased to award her the CC, her first i think.
2 Bowker & Gibson's Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus. 

LB (3)
1 Baverstock's Kalkasi Expect To Be A Star. Sibling to my LD Winner. 2 year old light blaireau, lovely shaped head and eye, very feminine. Has straight forelegs, well boned, good body,depth to chest, straight top line,overall very good make and shape. Moved out very well. Res Bitch CC.
2  Waters' Sketrick Purdita. Another pretty girl,18 months, has good size and body, bone and angulation.Good head, eye, excellent tight pigmented lips. Moved ok. 

OB (2,1)
1 Thorne's Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay. As her name says, pretty, feminine white girl, 4 years old that has really matured out now. Good eye, excellent pigment for a white, lovely expression, tight lips. Has body and bone,depth to chest, straight front, level topline, good angulation. Very positive mover even in the heat.