South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Open Show

Judge Louise Bermingham (Bamcwt)

My thanks to the Committee of the SEPMDC for the invitation to judge my first breed club show - a fabulously enjoyable day with wonderful hospitality, and to my steward. Grace Morris, for keeping the ring running smoothly. All exhibitors were warm, welcoming and accepted my decisions with good grace. Exhibits in the main were well presented and temperaments were excellent without exception. Dentition appeared clean and correct and all possessed the required double dewclaws, therefore I have not referred to these two points in my individual critiques. 

1 Duffel's Ricaduffal Draco Star. 17 month compactly structured dog with striking badger head markings. Well made head with proportional balance which belies his age. Eye of good almond shape. Ear correctly placed and carried. Pigment correct as expected. Presented a pleasing overall picture, short neck, balanced fore and aft angulation complemented by a level topline. Stands on four square feet. His coat was profuse but would benefit from a little more attention before entering the showring. With an obvious tendency to play his handler up, he moved with the required rear drive once settled.
2 Wells' Sketrick Patou (ai) Beautifully presented 17 month old white male. Bigger all through than 1st. Really liked his noble head which was a pleasure to go over. Skull and muzzle of proportional balance joined by a gentle stop. Correct eye placement with a wonderful expression. Slightly loose in flew. On the stand and move, he's an obvious young dog, level topline but his front and back are not yet in harmony with one another. A fidget for his Mum, I liked him very much but he will take time to mature. Slow and steady, just as this breed should be.

1 Asher's Pyrdanza Tosca. 19 month male. Smaller than his class mates in stature overall and well put together with good bone. Pleasing head dimensions and whose size is in balance with his body. A good shape harmonious eye and well filled beneath. Tight flews. Minimal stop and good ear placement aids his pleasing overall expression. Short neck, onto shoulders with medium angulation through fore and aft. Level topline onto a sloping croup and his tail was well carried showing his pleasure. At first, he moved a little quickly and erratically, but with time to settle, his front smooth extension with rear drive was a pleasure to watch. Could go all day. Pleased to award RBD. Disappointed that he did not stay to challenge for RBIS. Would have liked to see him again.
2 Wells' Sketrick Patou (ai) 

(1) 1  Wells' Sketrick Patou (ai)

(1) 1 Asher's Pyrdanza Tosca.

(6,2) A class of mixed types of dogs, all with their own virtues.
1 Thorne's Kricarno Konstellation at Pyrajay. 2yr old male who won this class on his wonderful free movement. Still showing his immaturity, this white boy still has a little developing to do, his head is of good length with a pronounced occiput. Good length of muzzle. His ear is slightly high and a little round in the eye. Correct length of neck onto well placed shoulders. At present, he is rather narrow all through, but as he matures, his chest should drop and I hope he grows into himself. His fore and aft angulation is in balance and this gives him a wonderful side profile on the move. Presented in good order and handled to get the best out of him.
2 Stratton-Baldwin's Kricarno Kinetic. Close call between 1st and this 2yr old blaireau boy. Hardly surprising given they are littermates. Preferred this head to 1st, with good proportion and a tighter eye, presented a more harmonious expression. Shorter neck than 1st and his body was in balance with a level topline. As his brother, he is currently narrow all through. Another good mover with drive from the rear, but just didn't have the front extension and balance of 1st. 
3 Barnes' Shanlimore Lucky Spirit at Patablanca. At nearly 6yrs, this sweet natured boy is of similar stature and bone to 1 and 2, but for age, would prefer a little more substance. All male head with good eye placement and excellent deep pigment. His movement was a little erratic, but once settled, moved out with purpose. 

(6,1) This was a tough class for me! Another class of individual virtues.
1 Waters' Sketrick Ojo. 3 yr old presenting a pleasing overall outline with a good length of back. Liked the overall picture. All male head without coarseness, presenting a good v from above. Gentle stop linking the head to muzzle with good depth. Liked his eye shape and placement, and his darker ear fringes completed the picture. Thick strong neck, with pleasing medium fore angulation and flexible pastern with no weakness. Rear angulation complemented, gentle sloping croup and good length of tail. Coat in good working order. Another that won his class on movement, despite the temperature of the day and his handler who thought he didn't move as well as he might, he looked great to me. 
2 Dearman & Henson's Shiresoak Nanook at Pyrekees Close up to 1 and was my winner on the stand. Well presented badger marked lad with a permanent smile, which in turn, made me smile. A little broader in the head than 1 with more stop, his eye placement is good, excellent pigment. Tighter in flew. Level topline with balanced angulation, his tail set well on and reaching below his hock. At present, his front needs to broaden and whilst on the side gait, his movement is pleasing to watch, coming toward, he is currently a little narrow, which I believe maturity will come through. Presented in excellent order, he is the pride of his Dad. And it shows. 
3 Salter's Kricarno Cookie. 6 yr old blaireau marked boy compact boy. Broader in head than 1 and 2, his dimension is slightly wider than long. Would prefer a little more length of neck to give overall balance to his body and head. Very well presented but the heat was obviously getting to this lad and I think he would rather have been in the shade than in the ring.

1  Spier's CH Belshanmish Yellow River. 4yr old and all male. Wonderful overall picture and presented in good hardy working order with excellent muscle tone and bone. Powerful overall appearance and one of latent power when on the move - does only what is necessary. Masculine head without being coarse or blunt, his width equals length with a good depth of muzzle. Would prefer slightly tighter flews. His eye is dark with good almond shape and placement. Ear well set. Just the right length of neck onto powerful shoulders. Broad chest without being overdone, he carries good breadth all through. Moderate fore and aft angulation with a well-set tail. His movement was unhurried and made me smile. Coat was clean and immaculately presented. Best Dog and pleased to award a well deserved Best in Show. Congratulations.
2 Reilly's Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror JW Sh CM. 19month old lad who's apparent maturity belies his age. More prominent head than 1 and not yet in total balance with his body. Little doubt the balance will come. Eye well placed with a large ear, correctly set. Loose in flew. Longer in neck than 1 which suits his body shape, he stands on foursquare legs which don't always fall in the correct order when on the move. When he sets his mind, his movement is graceful, but enjoys playing in the ring which masks his rear drive. Currently narrow in front, his chest will drop as he ages.
3 Asher's Granchester Imoulou. Mature male of lighter frame than 1 and 2. Presented in good working order - a little out of coat, giving more prominence and apparent size to his head. Sweet shape eye, loose in flew. Ratio of depth of body to length of leg gave a tall appearance. Would prefer a little more rear angulation. Moved with drive and purpose.

1  Edwards' Shanlimore Raffaella. 10 month old bitch with the sweetest head and expression. Blaireau marked with the darkest pigment and beautiful shaped eye. Head dimensions are correct for age and stop will soften as head shape broadens a little and settles. Ear placement correct and of correct size completing the picture. Short well-made neck onto good shoulders. Of good bone and already decent width all through. Slightly rear high on the stand, her rear angulation complements the fore, however on the move, she is not yet coordinated and her movement is a little erratic. No doubt all to come. Best Puppy in Show. Congratulations. 

1 Duffel's Ricaduffal Rock Star. 17month old and littermate to my winner of junior dog. Lovely to go over, I really liked her, but my notes do draw attention to her lack of ring preparation and presentation. Feminine head with well-placed eye and tight lipped. Really liked her expression. Body is in balance with her head and she is well made. Decent length of back without being overly long, she has good bone and her angulation is moderate, balanced and in proportion. Good width all through without losing femininity, she moved well, unhurried and could go all day. I urge the handler to spend time with her outside the ring to present her in good clean order to complete the picture and allow her to fulfil potential. 
2 Waters' Sketrick Purdita (ai) 17-month girl who gave 1st place a run for her money. My notes say, 'tough call'. Have judged before and liked. Beautiful head with well-placed and shaped eyes to see into your soul with good fill beneath and strategically marked to perfect her features. Lovely to go over. Longer in back and bigger all through than 1st without losing any femininity, she is currently a little narrow in front, and so when on the move, 1st place came through. No doubt to broaden as her chest drops and I look forward to seeing her mature.  3  Edwards' Shanlimore Raffaella.

(3,2) 1 Waters' Sketrick Purdita (ai)

(2,1) 1  Edwards' Shanlimore Raffaella. 

1 Ford's Montimur Use Your Illusion. Compact 3 and a half yr old bitch. Substantial head with correct proportions, I would prefer a little less stop. Almond eye with well-placed ear and carriage. Good pigment. Short neck onto robust powerful shoulders and broad chest reaching just below the elbow. Shorter in back than some of the bitches, giving her the compact appearance, her rear angulation complements the fore and her width and robustness over the rump should be complemented.  Proud of her well-set tail. In profuse, well presented coat - giving the impression of an unlevel topline, which is not the case upon going over. Wasn't keen on moving in the ring, but did what was necessary. A little wide coming towards. 

1  Thorne's Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay Sh CM. Feminine 3 yr old bitch of smaller proportion than her classmates. No mistaking her sex, this pretty girl presented a harmonious profile picture. On going over, her eye was well placed, almond shaped and followed you everywhere you went. If being picky, I would prefer a little less eyebrow and a touch more width to her head. Ear well set. Good depth of muzzle without losing any femininity, with tight flews and good pigment. Short neck, onto well placed shoulders - excellent fore angulation of shoulder and upper arm which was evident when moving, complimented perfectly by a powerful, yet easy rear movement. Just enough width to chest, level topline, enough width over the rump and into her croup and tail well set on, for which she was exceptionally proud of and wheeled on the move. Totally at one with her handler and presented in fabulous coat of first class order. A pleasure to award Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show. Congratulations.
2nd Ford's CH Montimur Iris of the Storm. Bigger bitch all through than 1st with lots to like. Her eye was mischievous and with a twinkle. She made me smile! Litter sister of my PG winner with many of the same attributes, her head was correctly proportioned, but would prefer a little less stop. Good length of neck, level topline, shorter in back than 1. Her movement was unhurried and a pleasure to watch. Happy on the move and her tail carriage proved it. Of good bone, her width of chest gave her a powerful stance, but coming toward, she was just that little wider in front and not as tidy as 1. Reserve Best Bitch. 
3rd Edwards' CH Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore JW ShCM 6 yr old bitch in fabulous coat, but unfortunately the weather wasn't her friend today! She has passed the attributes of her beautifully proportioned feminine head and sweetest of eye to her daughter - winner of PB, and felt was best head of her classmates despite a little loose in lip. However, she struggled to move in the heat of the day, and her topline and overall demeanour showed this. Excellently presented.