Judge  Michael Gadsby

1 Charibere Supersonic. Very nice headed 3 year old. Gorgeous eye shape and expression. Super pigmentation. Thick strong neck. Good topline. Great coat and condition with good bone and good ribbing. Moved soundly, could have a touch more drive.
2 Kricarno Konstellation At Pyrajay. Very immature looking. Nice proportions and very sound, but lacks rib, bone and substance. Hopefully will body up with time.
1 Rivergroves All The Right Moves At Belshanmish. Light blaireau in super coat. Very nice head, medium eye colour with excellent pigmentation. Liked his head shape and proportions. His outline is really lovely and he has a long tail with the twist at the end that's nice to find as it's rare now. Well made with corresponding quarters. On the move he is superb. He lacks body, when he gets one he will certainly gain his title. 2 Shiresoak Nanook At Pyrekees. Another handsome headed boy, another good outline. This one also lacks in body somewhat. Excellent rear assembly with correct bone, again sound and stylish on the move.
OD Difficult class with five nice quality males.
1 Ch Jacko Du Harass De Chant Neige Avec Kricarno. The winner stood out for type, his head is exemplary with perfect proportions. Gorgeous eye shape and expression. Super proportions and outline. Super ribbing, bone and good feet. Coat and condition excellent. On the move is completely sound, he does, however, lack enthusiasm, and I would have liked him to have used his tail. That said, his outstanding breed type and conformation pleased me sufficiently to award him the CC.
2 Ch Belshanmish Yellow River. Close up to the winner and certainly a more enthusiastic showdog. Liked his head and general type enormously. Eye shape good but eye colour could be a shade darker. Great bone and substance. Just preferred the proportions and outline of the winner.
3 Multi Ch Vi'skalys Harry Honda At Kington.
Sp Beginners B
1 Pyrenvale Carinetta. Raw baby with sweet expression and super eye shape. Good proprtions and well bodied for age, good rear assembly. Well made rear assembly, just a little erratic in front which will I'm sure settle in time.
1 Charibee Starry Night. Very raw babies the winner has a nice head and expression which is just right for her age. She is a tall bitch so will take time to fill in her frame but the frame is well constructed and results in very correct and composed movement.
2 Febus Fleurac. Very exhuberant puppy and certainly eye catching. Another very nice head and expression. Super bone and feet, needs to settle on the move. Super coat condition.
3 Pyrenvale Catrinetta. 
1 Hema Lux Olpifex Immans With Sketricks. A beautiful bitch for type and outline. Love her head and expression and that `far away` look that is so essentially Pyrenean. Lovely outline and proportionsr. Very sound on the move, would like to see her use her tail. Really needs to develop in body, if she does is another that should win at the highest level.
1 Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafexen. CC and BOB. Gorgeous bitch, so well made throughout with good bone and substance and a forechest which is generally lacking in the breed. Her outline exemplary. Super sound. Could use her tail to complete the picture. Head is lovely with well paced ear and strength of foreface.
2 Vi'skalys Lila My At Kington. Nice quality bitch. Very immature in body. Good head and super expressive eyes. Sufficient bone. Excellent proprtions and outline. Moved soundly.
1 Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay. Res CC. Real glamour girl. And a fantastic showgirl. Could have a little more width in backskull. Presents a stunning outline, good front assembly and a really super rear. Used herself to advantage on the move.
2 Kricarno Kornish Kontessa. Tall well made typey bitch with a super head. Good honest sort springs to mind. She is moderate throughout and quite hard to fault. She is a little flat on the move although sound and could use her tail to advantage.