Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of GB Open Show

Judge  Jenny Haslett

Thank you so much for such a lovely welcoming & friendly gathering. It was a very enjoyable day. Thanks to all my stewards, and all those involved in the organisation of the show, and of course all who entered. Unfortunately, due to the condition of the grounds outside, we were unable to have the ring outdoors, so had to endure the mats and of course less space in the hall. As a result movement was not easy to assess with many of the dogs being reluctant to move. Overall, I think the Breed has improved since my last appointment in the UK. There are less heavy heads, with stop and loose eyes, less loose lips. However, I think a lack of rear angulation in quite a few dogs is a concern for breeders. It not only spoils the topline & profile, but reduces the dog's hindquarter drive. So, the future for the breed is looking good.

(2) Two lovely veterans. 1 Bayliss's Gillandant Anastasia at Shiresoak. 7 years old. In great condition. Nice feminine head,  tight lips. Correct eye shape & placement. Correct short neck with strong forequarters. Moved well, considering the cramped indoor ring. Best Veteran. 2 ollard's CH. Gillandant Sugar and Spice. 10 years old. In good condition. Good head type, with excellent eyes. Good topline with correct angulation front and rear.
(1) 1 Bunyan's Kensteen Thelon. 8 months old. Still very much a baby. Attractive blaireau markings. Nice head with no stop. Good pigmentation. Would prefer a slightly smaller eye. Good bone. Still growing, and at this stage is "bum high". Would like to see a little less weight on a pup of this age. Best Opp Sex Puppy.
(1) 1 Bunyan's Kensteen Thelon.
(5, 1) 1 Cubello's Night Owl. Medium sized dog. Well balanced construction. Nice masculine head type without coarseness, with correct eye shape and placement. Moved with drive. 2 Wells. Sketrick Patou. Very big boy with still some maturing to go. Lovely head & eye shape, but would prefer a slightly darker eye. Good pigmentation. Good front and rear angulation, with correct sloping rump. 3 Robinson's Penellcy Warrior of the Gods. Medium size with good bone & construction. Good pigment. Would like less stop & tighter lips. Moved well.
(5, 1) 1 Asher's Pyrdanza Tosca. Medium sized dog, with super head & expression. Well angulated front & rear, with level topline & sloping rump.  Would like a little more length of leg. 2 Cubello's Night Owl. 3 Robinson's Penellcy Warrior of the Gods.
(3) 1 Asher's Pyrdanza Tosca. 2 Wells' Sketrick Patou. 3 Bunyan's Kensteen Thelon.
(3) 1 Asher's Pyrdanza Tosca. 2 Cubello's Night Owl. 3 Robinson's Penellcy Warrior of the Gods.
(4, 1) 1 Waters' Zagal de Alba de Los Danzantes with Sketrick. This young dog stood out in a class of good quality dogs. He has great size, yet is well balanced & has that "certain elegance". Beautiful head & expression, small almond eyes, tight lips with excellent pigment. Strong forequarters with correct angulation. Lovely top line, with sloping rump and strong well angulated hindquarters. Correct typical Pyrenean movement. He smiled the whole time in the ring! Best Dog & Best in Show. 2 Flounders' Gillandant Spirit of Xmas at Lakamoni. Attractive blaireau dog, with nice head, excellent pigment. Good eye shape & placement. Well angulated front, but would prefer more angulation on the hindquarters. Lovely arroundera on the move. 3 Thorne's Kricarno Konstellation at Pyrajay. Elegant young dog. Good breadth of skull, but head still needs to mature. Would like a slightly smaller eye. Well balanced construction, with good angulation. Moved well.
(2) 1 Reilly's Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror JW ShCM. Medium sized dog with sound construction and in full coat. Good pigmentation. Moved well. 2 Thomas' Shiresoak Snow Patrol. Tall elegant dog. Very nice head, with good fill, and no stop. Unfortunately expression was spoiled by staining around his eye. Would like more angulation on hindquarters. Good movement with arroundera.
1 Savage's Ch & Multi Ch Vi'skaly's Harry Honda at Kington (Imp). Lovely arrouye coloured dog, with good type. Correct head with lovely expression. Good construction, with medium angulation. Moved soundly. RBD. 2 Asher's Granchester Imoulou. Tall male with good head & expression. Excellent pigmentation. Would prefer tighter lips. Correct angulation front & rear. Moved well. 3 Spier's Ch Belshanmish Yellow River.  Heavier in type than 1st  & 2nd. Well angulated forequarters & hindquaters. Correct coat. Good topline, with correct sloping rump.
(3) 1 Bowker & Gibson's Sajobein Gastons Girl avec Febus. Feminine girl with good head. Correct eye shape & placement, good pigment, well placed small ears. Very well constructed, with good angulation, level topline. Moved effortlessly with arroundera. Best Puppy in Show. 2 Edwards' Shanlimore Raffaella. Another pretty puppy bitch, with attractive blaireau markings. Excellent pigment, correct eye shape, colour and placement.  Topline still a little high at rear. Would like to see more angulation on hindquarters. 3 Veale's Shanlimore Luciana at Jojims. Good size young bitch. Reasonable head. Good front angulation, but lacked in the rear.
(6, 1) 1 Bowker & Gibson's Sajobein Gaston's Girl avec Febus. 2 Flounders' Sketrick Papagena at Lakamoni (AI).  Lovely young tall bitch, with "that certain elegance" Beautiful head, with good fill under eyes, correct eye shape, colour & placement, correctly set small ears. Good angulation front & rear. Feet a little long and flat. Good topline. 3 Edwards' Shanlimore Rafaella.
(5,2) 1 Flounders' Sketrick Papagena at Lakamoni (AI). 2 Kennedy's Shuangxi Mopsa Kai En Hui. Nice feminine bitch with well balanced construction. Good head type, with correct eye shape and colour. Moved well with arroundera. 3 Haley's Kalkasi Blue Moon at Mistymia.  Another feminine bitch, with good pigmentation,  correct almond eyes. Was not happy with the floor surface, so really didn't want to move. 
(4) 1 Bowker & Gibson's Sajobein Gastons Girl avec Febus 2 Edwards' Shanlimore Rafaella. 3 Haley's Kalkasi Blue Moon at Mistymia.
(4,1) 1 Bowker & Gibson's Sajobein Gastons Girl avec Febus. 2 Kennedy's Shuangxi Mopsa Kai En Hui. 3 Haley's Kalkasi Lilac Wine at Mistymia. Nicely constructed bitch with good angulation front and rear, giving a level topline. Head & expression spoiled by too much stop. Another one not happy to move today.
(5,1) 1 Waters' Hema Lux Opifex Immanis with Sketrick (imp). Beautiful blaireau bitch, with excellent head, eyes, pigmentation, small well set ears. Well off for bone, well angulated shoulders, correct topline, with sloping rump. Well muscled hindquarters, giving her drive on the move. Res. Best Bitch. 2 Flounders' Sketrick Papagena at Lakamoni (AI). 3 Carlin's Rosemere Yasmina. Attractive arrouye bitch. Nice head & pigmentation, with correct eye shape & colour. Good bone, & angulation. Unfortunately her topline spoiled her profile while standing.
(4,1) 1 Savage's Vi'Skaly's Lilla My at Kington (imp).  Lovely feminine bitch with typical head. No stop, excellent eye shape, colour & placement. Good fill. Balanced construction, with good angulations front & rear. Level topline. Steady sound movement. Would like a little more leg length to achieve the full picture of "that certain elegance". 2 Bayliss' Gillandant Anastasia at Shiresoak. 3 Wright's Desalazara Mamma Mia. Tall bitch with good construction. Head too deep in muzzle, with too much stop. Sound movement.
(6) 1 Dunk's CH. Bursville Summer Zizanna with Zalute JW.  Beautiful blaireau bitch with excellent head; no stop, good fill, correct eyes and ear placement. Excellent construction with good bone, level topline and sloping rump. Lovely profile standing and on the move. Happy to award her Best Bitch & BOS & Res. Best in Show.