Bath Champ Show 2018

Judge:-  Sally Duffin

I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful entry that you gave me. It was such a delight to judge them  at Championship level after having first  shown them as a teenager.  

1 Kenyon, Ward and Bermingham's  Charibree Simple Supasonic  At  Chezanna. Only 6 months and well grown, lovely head shape, with dark almond shape eyes, nice scissor bite,  good shoulder placement and front, nice  top line with a sound rear, moved well for age   Well presented. 

1 Charibree Simple Supasonic  At  Chezanna. 

1 Duffel, Ricaduffal Draco  Star  17 months, a little smaller in size than I would like, but a very nice head, darkest of eyes  and good mouth, complemented by lovely wolf-grey marking on his head. Good strong neck, a good top line and well angulated rear, the movement is a little unsettled. 2 Dickson,  Kalkasi Fields of Gold. Nice head, eyes and mouth, neck and shoulders, good  depth of chest and top line, a male of good size. Not moving to his best as he was a little close in rear movement today, good coat and well presented. 

1 Kenyon, Ward and Bermingham's Charibree Simple Supasonic  At  Chezann 

1 Dearman, Henson, Shiresoak Nanook At Pyrekees. Very lovely big upstanding male, with a great head and neat ears, dark eyes and dark pigment, with beautiful wolf grey markings, correct scissor bite and dark gums this gentleman is very well off for bone with nice  neck and shoulder placement, great depth of chest and strong top line going in to sound well-muscled thighs, that produced the sound driving movement good length of tail. Well-presented in good coat. 2  Flounder's  Gillandant Sprit of Xmas At Lakamoni. A slightly smaller male than 1 but having all the same qualities, lovely head dark eyes & expression, good neck & shoulders, sound well-muscled rear and move with ease, good coat, well presented.  

1 Reilly's  Lisjovia Boris Bear At Daramoror JW ShCM. This very beautiful male who won this class with ease, he has great ring appeal, of correct size with lovely blaireau lemon  markings a strong head with dark almond eyes neat ears, scissor bite,  a strong neck and good shoulders well off for bone, going   into  a good straight top line, deep chest,  his rear quarters are sound with good muscle that produced the  soundest  of movement, tail of good length with a curl, good double dewclaws. Lovely coat, well presented. Unlucky to meet the CC & res CC winner on the challenge.  2 Baverstock's  Kalkasi Execpt your Eyes only.  Lovely head and expression, nice eyes and good scissor bite  strong, neck, well placed shoulders flow in to a deep chest and good top line.  Sound rear quarters, and well-muscled thighs, move well. Good coat, well presented. 

1 Nagrecha Matterson-Sandsstrom, & Sandstrom. Ch Viskalys My Way Or No Way To Chandlimore (imp). Exquisitely outstanding male who looks stunning standing, capacious skull dark almond eye, neat ears, and correct scissor bite with darkest of pigmentation, asll with a lovely expression,  a good strong neck, & correct  shoulders placements, nice depth of chest and good tuck up, perfect top line, all going in to the soundest of rear quarters with good muscle tone on 1st and 2nd thighs  to produce  great movement, coat of good quality, shown to perfection. I was very pleased to award this dog the CC & BOB and delighted to see him take the Pastoral Group number 1 spot. 2 Kenyon, Ward and  Bermingham's  Charibere Simply Magic At Chezanna JW ShCM. This is also a beautiful dog, great head, dark eyes, good scissor bite and pigmentation, nice expression, strong neck and good  shoulders. Good strong rear quarters that gives very sound movement nice  length of tail and carried well. Moved with drive, good goat well presented. 

1 Baverstock's Ch & Ir Ch Kalasi In High Spirits JW Sh.CM CW14. Outstanding show  condition   for his 10 years he is in fantastically fit.  Lovely head  and scull darkest of eyes, good mouth with scissor bite for age,  neat ears,  fabulous neck and shoulders. Well bodied with great topline. Very well muscled first and second thigh that gave wonderful movement. Beautifully  presented pleased to award him the Res CC. 2 Munson's Pyrbern Blond Lynx. 7 years old a very nice dog of good quality with  nice head neck, shoulders, sound  rear quarters. Showed and moved very well, in good coat. Beautifully presented. 

Sp Beginners See 2nd in Junior. 

1  Bowker's Gibson Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus This baby was very unsettled by the thunder that was over head while she was being judged, (hope she got over it). Nice head eyes and mouth and very well bodied, good coat sound rear quarters standing, unfortunately  her  movement was disturbed by the weather conditions. 

1 Bowker's Gibson Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus. 2 Waters' Sketrick Pudita (AI). Nice head, dark  eyes, good mouth and ears with a pretty expression. Good neck and top -line with a good shaped rear, moved well. 

NB 1 Both 1 and 2 were unsettled by the thunder when they came into  the  class.
1 Haley's Kalkasi Blue moon At Mistymia.  Just 13 month. Lovely head,  dark eyes nice bite and pigment  good expression, strong neck, going in to very nice shoulder placement and front,  good top line and nice turn of stifle sound rear quarters, movement  could have been better, I put this down the weather, well presented. 2 Church Bamford, Mcdowell's Grantchester Danse D'amoure For Pafaxenat, 17 month more mature than winner but I preferred the head of 1. Good dark eyes of nice shape good bite, nice neck and shoulders, nice level back, again could not ascertain  as the  thunder  had unsettled her so movement  OK. 

1  Church's Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen. Lovely bitch  very much my type a good old fashioned one, beautiful head dark almond eyes and nice jaw and bite, strong neck, shoulder placement and front, well off for bone, lovely top line and good strong rear quarters with and turn of stifle and nice hocks, moved with ease around the ring, beautifully presented, one I will watch with interest. 2 Walters' Hema Lux Opifex Immanis With Sketrick (imp). Very nice grey and white lady good eyes colour and shape nice expression. with a good scissor bite, strong  neck and shoulders  nice top-line and tail length. Well bodied sound rear, moved well. 

1 Tadd; Kricarno Kornish Kontessa. Bitch of good size, lovely head and expression dark well shaped eyes good bite. Neat ears,  good   strong neck going into well placed shoulders,  nice front with close elbows.  Soundest of rears and move with ease, well presented. 2 Baverstock's  Kalkasi Expect To Be A Star.  Another very nice bitch, with a lovely expression, darkest of eyes. Nice jaw and bite,  strong neck, good shoulders, good rear quarters move well. 

1 Thorne; Belshanmish Pretty  in Pink At Pyrajay SH Cm ;Not a large class in numbers  of dogs ,But a class of great strength and quality with the most beautiful bitches  the first and second were so similar. I hoped they were going to be as good when I put my hand on them as they looked standing. Pretty in Pink was a great delight to go over, lovely head shape  with a good expression dark eyes, great pigmentation and scissor bite neat ears, strong neck nicely placed shoulders, good front, lovely top line, very sound rear with an excellent turn of stifle and well-muscled 1st & 2dn thigh good hock a tail with a slight curl.  Moved with ease around the ring, well presented and handled, Everything I could want in a PMD.  Thrilled to award her the crowning CC for her title. 2  Kenyon, Ward, Bermingham's Ch Charibere Simpley a Dream At Chezanna JW. So similar to 1 this as a very hard choice she has all the same good attributes and moved like a dream around the ring pleased to award her the Res CC.  A very worthy Champion.