It was an honour to judge my breed at Crufts. I was very pleased with my entry & quality of dogs. In some of the classes I wish I had two first places. I delighted to see my BOB shortlisted in the group.

VD (2,1a) 1 Baverstock’s Ch/Ir Ch Kalkasi in High Spirits, gave this dog the CC when I judged the PMDC of GB ch show in 2013 & still looking as good. Tall male with excellent profile & good bone. Correct head shape & pigment, good almond eye, ears & topline. Very well presented & moved effortlessly round the ring.
(4,1) 1 Traynor’s Rivergroves All the Right Moves, this puppy caught my eye the minute he entered the ring. Full of quality & of good size, strong bone with correct angulation. In full coat which was well presented. Lovely head shape with almond eyes & correct colour. Good black pigment, & superb outline. Should have a bright future. BP; 2 Thorne’s Kricarno Konstellation at Pyrajay, another lovely puppy, not so mature as 1 but showing a lot of promise. Elegant puppy with sufficient bone. Good eyes & pigment with tight flews & correct bite. Has a good outline & moved well; 3 Stratton-Baldwin’s Kricarno Kinetic, making three promising puppies. Good size youngster who is maturing nicely. In good coat which was well presented. Elegant profile. Very mischievous on the move but manage to see he was sound.
(7) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi, strongly made dog who is well boned & angulated. Correct depth of chest. Lovely head & expression with correct eyes, teeth & ears. Was very well presented. Has good outline & moved well; 2 Ingham’s Dennaje Billy Thother lovely junior, well balanced upstanding dog with excellent outline, good size & substance, correct head with almond eyes, good pigment & tight flews. Presented well & moved with ease; 3 Flounders’ Gillandant Spirit Of Xmas at Lakamoni, making three lovely junior dogs, who I’m sure will change places. A handsome dog who was in good coat & well presented. Well balanced dog with good bone & outline. Correct head shape with lovely expression. Moved well.
(10) 1 Thomas’ Shiresoak Snow Patrol, very well presented dog with super outline & litter brother to my BCC winner. Good bone with correct angulation. Lovely head with almond eyes & correct bite. Good depth & breath of chest. Sound on the move; 2 Meakin’s Amandjena Cleveland Ohio, well presented dog who scored well in neck, body & topline. Good pigment & expression. In good coat which was well presented. Has correct angulation & was in sound movement; 3 Garret & Hartley’s Belshanmish Evergreen, this dog has a good outline & balance. Correct head shape & good pigment expression, well boned with good angulation. Well presented & moved well.
(12,4) 1 Downes’ Belshanmish Orange Crush, is maturing into a lovely dog. Correct outline & angulation with good bone. Lovely head shape & expression with good pigment. Very well presented & moved well with his young handler; 2 Spier’s Belshanmish Yellow River, a very promising dog who is litter brother to 1. Well made of good size & outline. Handsome head with correct pigment, ears & bite. Has good bone & was sound on the move; 3 Holmes’ Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, making three quality dogs in a strong class. In good coat which was well presented. Beautiful outline with correct bone & topline. Moved effortlessly around the ring.
(12,3) 1 Mattisson, Sandstrom & Nagrecha’s Vi’skaly’s My Way Or No Way to Chandlimore, another one who caught my eye the minute he entered the ring & was presented to perfection. He has excellent size with good bone & substance. Correct head shape & expression with good pigment & tight flews. Good topline which he held as he moved effortlessly around the ring. CC, his third making him a champion, BOB, & was shortlisted in the pastoral group; 2 Bowker & Gibson’s Ch Febus Mauvezin, a worthy champion who was well presented. Lovely breed type with correct almond eye, pigment & bite. Good depth of chest with excellent bone, topline & feet. Moved soundly round the ring. RCC; 3 Savage’s Ch/Int/Sw/Fr Ch Vi’skaly’s Harry Honda at Kington, making a trio of three lovely dogs. A very well balanced dog with correct head & expression. Good pigment & ear placement. Good topline with correct angulation. Strong pasterns & good feet. Sound mover.
(2) 1 Greenfield’s Ch Gillandant Shakeelah, good size well balanced dog with correct outline, good bone, eyes & pigment. In good coat which was well presented. Strong hindquarters & moved soundly; 2 Munson’s Pyrbern Blond Lynx, in good coat with correct bone & outline. Has good pigment & almond eyes. Correct topline & moved around the ring with ease.

VB (3) A.
(4,1) 1 Tadd’s Kricarno Kornish Kontessa, a class of three promising puppies whom I’m sure will change places. Feminine bitch with good size & type. Correct head & pigment with lovely expression. Good length of body. Sound moved with confidence for a youngster; 2 Salmon’s Madeleine Du Pyrdanti, not so mature as 1 but has all the qualities, good bone & topline. Correct head & eye with good pigment. Good bone & angulation. Moved well; 3 Kennedy’s Shuangxi Cressida Kai En Hui, another feminine puppy with lots to like. In good coat which was well presented with good pigment, correct mouth & flew. Moved well around the ring.
(5,2) 1 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Expect To Be A Star, feminine girl who was well presented & of good breed type. Good bone & balance all through, correct eye, pigment & bite. Well developed chest & topline. Sound mover; 2 Bamford’s Dennaje Sweet Surrender, another quality youngster who is maturing well. Correct head with almond eyes, pigment & ear placement. Has good bone & outline which she held well on the move; 3 Lipovic’s Gamuvel Patou Jennifer, pretty bitch with lots to like. In good condition & was well presented. Correct head shape with lovely expression. Has tight flews with correct bite. Well angulated & correct topline.
(10,2) 1 Savages’ Vi’skaly’s Lilla My at Kington, a lovely quality bitch in excellent coat & condition. Lovely expression & pigment with correct eyes & ears. Good bone & angulation. Super outline which she held on the move; 2 Randall’s Vi’skaly’s Takes You For A Ride, little sister to 1 with lots to like. Pretty bitch with good pigment. Correct bite & ears in good coat which was well presented. Good bone & moved soundly; 3 Lewis’ Just Happy Du Haras De Chante Neige, making three lovely bitches. Feminine girl of good breed type. Head in proportion to size, lovely pigment, eyes & expression, correct outline, sound mover.
(7,3) 1 Bayliss’ Shiresoak She’s The One, another one who caught my eye the minute she entered the ring. Presented to perfection. Lovely upstanding bitch with excellent head proprieties. Correct eyes, ears, pigment & bite. Good breadth & depth of chest. Moved effortlessly around the ring. CC which was her all important third; 2 Salmon’s Isla Du Pyrdanti, lovely elegant bitch who is well balanced all through with good bone, angulation & cat feet. Correct almond eyes & pigment. Held her level topline as she moved soundly on the move; 3 Thorne’s Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay, elegant bitch who has plenty of substance & was in good coat. Correct pigment & eyes. Good depth of chest & correct topline, moved well.
(6,2) 1 Pollard’s Ch Gillandant Sizzling Spice, lovely elegant bitch who has plenty of substance. Good firm topline with correct bone & feet. Lovely head with correct almond eye & pigment. Stands foursquare with good depth of chest, very sound on the move. RCC; 2 Baverstock’s Ch Mizeka A Touch Of Class with Kalkasi, another very pretty bitch with lots to like. Very well presented with good pigment & tight flews. Correct bone with good front & rear angulation. Good outline giving sound movement; 3 Asher’s Granchester Sapphire, nice proportioned bitch, in good condition & coat with correct eye & ear placement. Good bone with correct outline that was held on the move.
(1) A.