Not the easiest entry to sort, rather a variety of types. Quite a few rather heavy in skull.

PD (3,1a)
1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Estevez, thought him the better type of these two promising pups. Had a good head, if slightly deep in stop. Correct length of neck. Well laid shoulder. Still needs to develop in chest. Firm topline. Well ribbed correct hind angulation. Moves well for a pup;
2 Reilly’s Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror, well grown lad with a very good head. Correct neck. Patterns & feet need to improve. Slightly high at the rear as get. Well made rear. He too is a good mover.
JD (3)
1 L Boris Bear at D;
2 Flounders’ Gillandant Spirit Of Xmas at Lakamoni, very raw looking. He has a lengthy head, just a bit skully. Correct length neck. Needs to fill & deepen in chest still. Topline is level. Needs more hind angulation. Moves OK out & back & very well in profile;
3 Roberts’ Flickorna Bright Knight.
LD (10,3)
1 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply Magic at Chezanna, thought he had the best combination of type & soundness. Masculine head. Correct length of neck. Fair shoulder. Elbows rather too far from his chest. Super body. Level topline. Strong rear. RCC;
2 Asher’s Granchester Imoulou, another very typy dog, not quite as good in front as 1 & can still develop in chest. Very typical in head, super pigment. Short neck. Level in topline. Well ribbed back;
3 Wilcock’s Penellcy Guard Of Honour.
OD (4,2)
1 Nagrecha, Mattisson-Sandstrom & Sandstrom’s Ch Viskalys My Way Or No Way to Chandlimore, really lovely dog for type. He has a super head, just right for width of skull, slight stop. Super eye & expression. Correct length of neck. Fairly good shoulder. Correct width to his chest. Well bodied. Firm in topline. Super rear. Wheels his tail on the move. Very typical action. In gleaming white coat. CC & BOB;
2 Kenyon & Ward’s Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, this dog is a really good profile mover. Masculine in head, a bit broad, the most super pigmentation. Lovely eye & expression. Correct length of neck. Could have more width of chest & better front, which is reflected when he comes towards. Super topline. Well ribbed back. Very good rear, which he uses so well.
VD (1)
1 Baverstock’s Ch/Ir Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits, really grand dog. Masculine head. Kind expression. Correct length of neck. Decent front. Well ribbed back. Needs more angulation to his hocks. He moves really well & wheels his tail. BV.

PB (2,1)
1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Emilio, really lovely pup, feminine head of correct balance & width. Short neck. Well laid shoulder. Obviously body needs to develop. Well made rear, very good mover. A lovely prospect. BP.
JB (2)
1 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Expect To Be A Star, really lovely young bitch. Super for type. She has very good head, long & feminine of correct width & a super expression. Short neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed back & a level topline. Good turn of stifle, hocks could be slightly lower. A bit loose out & back as yet, very good in profile;
2 Roberts’ Flickorna Bright Star, typy bitch not helping her handler on the move at all. She has a good head, dark eyes. Short neck. A bit narrow in front as yet & rather elbowy coming towards. Level in topline. Nice rear.
LB (6,2)
1 Ford’s Montimur Iris Of The Storm, she is a very nice bitch for type & moved very well. Good head, slight stop. Super eye & expression. Short neck. Well laid shoulder. Slightly short in upper arm & could have more angle to her pattern. Well bodied, long ribs. Firm in topline. Enough hind angulation. RCC;
2 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply A Dream at Chezanna, she has a pleasing head, feminine with correct stop. Short neck. Quite good shoulders. A bit short in upper arm & could be tidier coming towards. Deep chest. A fraction long in loin, but holds a good topline. Well made & strong rear which gave her the edge over
3 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Moonlite Mist.
OB (4,1)
1 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Dream Chaser, really lovely type of bitch, at times a bit lazy & pacing, but when in stride she is so sound. She has a super head, lovely eye & expression. Correct neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed back, perhaps not quite fully mature in body as yet. Topline is OK. Well made & strong rear. CC;
2 Fergus’ Daveangel Reddest Ruby, she is a really well made bitch, slightly heavier in type maybe & not putting all in to moving. She has a feminine head. Correct length of neck. Balanced in her angulation & well bodied. Not the head of 1;
3 Asher’s Granchester Sapphire. VB (0).