I’d like to thank the committee for their superb hospitality & for my steward, Grace, for her quiet efficiency. I’d also like to thank all the competitors not just for their excellent sportsmanship but also for presenting the dogs in such pristine condition today. I was impressed.

BIS was Tadd’s Kricarno Kornish Krystal; RBIS, Tadd’s Jacko du Haras de Chante Neige avec Kricarno; & BP, Reilly’s Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror.


MP (2)
1 BP, Reilly’s Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror, an exciting 8 month old. Good head with correct almond shaped eyes. Excellent pigmentation. Short neck, correct front angulation, level topline, good depth & a strong backend. Presented today in excellent condition. Moved well;
2 RBP, Asher’s Pyrdanza Tosca, another very nice puppy but very much looked his age & as such, not as together as my winner. Head needs to develop but correct pigmentation. Well made, good bone & feet & another in lovely condition. A little erratic on the move & kept pacing so perhaps needs to be moved a little faster but nonetheless a pleasing baby. Coat of good texture.
PD (1)
1 L Boris Bear at D.
JD (5,1a)
1 RBD, Water’s Zagal de Alba de Los Danzantes with Sketrick, I really liked the type of this boy. Super head of correct proportions & not a hint of coarseness. Strong, short neck, correctly placed shoulders, good bone & feet. Ribs well back, short loin & a powerful rear with good width of second thigh. Moved well;
2 L Boris Bear at D;
3 Stratton-Baldwin’s Kricarno Kinetic.
YD (5,1)
1 Z de Alba de Los Danzantes with S;
2 L Boris Bear at D;
3 Thorne’s Kricarno Konstellation at Pyrajay.
ND (3,1)
1 L Boris Bear at D;
2 P Tosca.
UGD (2)
1 L Boris Bear at D; 2 K Konstellation at P, skull of correct proportions & eyes of correct shape & colour. I’d prefer a bit more strength of muzzle. Good pigmentation. He is well made with strong bone & good feet. He moved a bit erratically in his previous class but settled here to show some really good movement. Good coat.
PGD (7,2)
1 L Boris Bear at D;
2 Thomas’ Shiresoak Snow Patrol, initially, from my first profile look, I thought this boy would head the class. I liked his type & he was very balanced. However, I found him to be a bit tied in at the elbows & just couldn’t match my winner on the move;
3 Duffell’s Kalkasi A Star Is Born of Ricaduffal.
LD (6)
1 Burwell’s Bursville Summer Knight, my notes say ‘naughty’ & he was certainly making his handler work hard. However, with his lovely head of correct proportions, good strong neck, correctly angulated front, good topline, strong rear & excellent movement, he had to win this class. Loved his bone & feet. In excellent condition;
2 Waters’ Sketrick Ojo, heavier in head than my winner. Another who was beautifully constructed. Rear feet slightly turning out but I realise this is permissible & his legs were certainly straight. In excellent condition with coat of super texture;
3 Asher’s Granchester Imoulou.
OD (5,2)
1 BD, RBIS, Tadd’s Jacko du Haras de Chante Neige avec Kricarno, what a super dog this is. He is balanced, noble & has tremendous ring presence. His head is lovely, strong with not a hint of coarseness. Good pigmentation, correct dentition. Short, strong neck, well placed shoulders, good bone & feet. Level topline, strong rear. Presented in excellent coat. He moved well but flagged in the final challenge so had to lose to the bitch who showed her socks off until the very end;
2 Savage’s Fr/Sw Ch Vi’Skaly’s Harry Honda at Kington, another quality dog who was well constructed all through & presented in excellent condition. Moved well. I just preferred the stronger rear of my winner;
3 Salter’s Kricarno Kookie.
V (2,1)
1 BV, Burwell’s Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville, a 7 year old bitch with a good head & lovely intelligent expression. Well constructed & sufficient bone/substance. She was balanced & in excellent coat. Just a little down on her pasterns but moved nicely. 

JB (1)
1 Tadd’s Kricarno Kornish Kontessa, a quality bitch. I see now that she is by my RBIS winner & a lot of his attributes can be seen in her. She has a lovely head & is beautifully made with ribs well back & a short, strong loin. Excellent bone & feet & moved well. She needs maturity but when she does, I think this girl will trouble the best.
YB (2)
1 Janes’ Lyra-Belle du Haras de Chante Neige, won this class as I preferred her front to 2. A well constructed girl with a good head. Good bone & feet. Moving lethargically today but was sound enough. Good coat;
2 Barnes’ Kricarno Kornish Kaous, another who was well constructed & with a coat of good texture. I just preferred the stronger pasterns of my winner.
UGB (1)
1 Lyra-Belle du Haras de Chante Neige.
PGB (3,1)
1 Carter’s Casabear Moon Beam at Jumicar, a pleasing bitch who was balanced. Won this class as she had a better front with superior layback of shoulder & return of upper arm. Good depth to her. Excellent bone & substance. Firm topline, correct tailset & carriage. Strong rear & moved well;
2 Savage’s Vi’Skaly’s Lilla My at Kington, a different type to my winner. I preferred this girl’s head. She was very upright in shoulder though which meant that she didn’t have the effortless, free movement of 1. Good topline. Decent rear. In good coat.
LB (1)
1 RBB, Thorne’s Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay, a lovely head of good proportions. Good pigmentation overall though scratches on her nose are still pink at the moment. She has a short, strong neck, well angulated shoulders, good depth of chest & a good topline. Strong rear & in excellent coat. Moved really well.
OB (3)
1 BB, BIS, Tadd’s Kricarno Kornish Krystal, while I know this girl could benefit from more coat, she excelled in all other areas & her coat is of excellent texture. I loved her head & expression, correct ear set & size, good strong neck, well angulated shoulders. She has a good topline, good depth of chest & has excellent bone & feet. Her rear is strong with good width of second thigh. She moves beautifully, driving from strong hocks & her footfall was accurate. She epitomises noble & I can very much imagine her doing the job she was bred for. She didn’t stop showing & thoroughly deserved to take BIS here today;
2 Asher’s Granchester Saphire, a little broad across the skull. Eyes of correct shape & colour. Good strong bone & feet but slightly loose in pasterns. A nice shape overall & moved OK;
3 Tadd’s Kricarno Krystal Konchita.