Many thanks to the committee for the invitation & exhibitors for the entries. Thoroughly enjoyed my day with such friendly people & well run show & excellent refreshments & a beautiful sunny spring day.

BIS was Lisjovia Kiyonari; RBIS, Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi; & BP, Holmes’ Lisjovia Emilio.

VD (1) 1 Nelson’s Gillandant Sensationalist, 7 year old lad. Good bone, size & substance. Head has good balance & correct blunt shape & slight furrow. Good bite & tidy flews, nice shape & colour to eyes & pigment. Earset good & nice coloured markings giving nice overall expression. Good neck into shoulders with nice angles & depth to chest & width to chest. Croup had correct tailset giving nice carriage. Hocks sound with require double dew claws. Moving a right speed gave a good fore & aft action & had a good free stand on correct shape to feet.
(1) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Estevez, 6 months & showing excellent promise. Had balance on the free stand showing good bone. Skull of correct ratios at this stage & nice gentle slope to skull & furrow. Balanced by a blunt shape to muzzle complimented by eyes or correct set & shape & well pigmented. Good bite & tidy flews. Nice neck into well laid shoulders & placement of elbows, chest developing well for width & depth for age. Topline held well with croup giving tailset & carriage on the move, side gait showed reach & sound hocks with double dew claws gave drive. A good career I think ahead. RBP, shall watch with interest.
(3,1a) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi, 15 months old pleased to handle him. Super silhouette on the free stand showing good angulations naturally. Head has developed well for balance & shape to compliment body size. Lovely almond eye set correctly with excellent pigment to rims & flews bit good together gave a lovely wedge shape. Strong neck into good lay of shoulder & depth, to brisket & width to chest with correct fitting elbow placements. Sound in topline & croup with desired tailset & carriage. Stands on two straight front legs & correct foot shape, & lovely pasterns. Moving gave good reach & topline with positive drive off sound hocks both with double dew claws. Should make up easily Good Luck. BD, RBIS, in the challenge just preferred the sweet expression of the bitch today; 2 Flounders’ Gillandant Spirit Of Xmas at Lakamoni, 15 months & a lot more developing to done not as together as 1, for balance & bone for me. Head has a good shape still to come more good bite & pigment. Brisket needs to develop & so does width to chest. Croups a shade steep hence giving the higher tailset & carriage. Front & rear actions need to tighten for muscle & strength to give a sounder gait. All of this will come as still raw at this age. ND (1) 1 L Estevez.
(2) 1 Doneghan’s Flickorna Jupiter Rising, preferred the overall size & substance & maturity here. Skull has correct furrow & eye shape OK. Lovely dark colour to eye & pigment & bite. Free standing pasterns need to tighten for me to give a straight picture. Moving at correct speed by handler gave the desired movement almost I was looking with hocks & double dew claws, well presented in jacket; 2 G Spirit Of Xmas at L, seemed a bit more settle here than earlier giving his handler a tough time earlier.
(3,2) 1 G Spirit Of Xmas at L.
(3,1) 1 F Jupiter Rising, repeat from Grad & showed a better pace here as handler extended her stride to allow the dog to do the same; 2 Agar’s Pyrbern Blond Kiowa, well boned lad. Good shape on the stand. Head a shade heavy in stop area for me, & like tighter fitting jowls but had good pigment & eye colour. Coming towards showed a loose pasterns & this reflected in the free stand, rear action a tad close but with steady exercise these could strengthen & improve. Had the required double dew claws.
(4,1) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, judged this lad before & has matured on well as one would like. Superb bone, size & shape on the stand clearly visible. Head has correct balanced muzzle to skull ratios & furrow. Eyes almond well pigmented & set obliquely with good fitting. Correct dentition & clean tidy flews again with good pigment. Sound in neck into good lay of shoulders with depth to brisket & width of chest. Stand with straight front legs on correct foot shape with slight arch. Firm topline & loins into good stifle then sound hocks & required double dew claws. Showed an effortless free side gait & lovely straight front in to the free stand & set himself up correctly. Hind action showed drive due to being well muscled. In the challenge just the expression of his younger brother caught my eye but must have a good career ahead. RBD; 2 Greenfield’s Ch Gallidant Shakeelah, good bone & size giving a balance overall shape on the stand. Good bite, & pigmentation, & complimented by eye shape & good colour. Skull has balance & of correct ratios & earset. Topline not as firm as 1 nor in pasterns which showed in the side gait & free stand after moving but generally a pleasing exhibit needs to firm back up all through firmed up could be a different story; 3 P Blond Kiowa.

VB (1) 1 Greenfield’s Ch Gillandant Crystal Fantasy, 10 year old & belying her years. Expertly presented & showed in silhouette, good bone, size & overall balance with such femininity. Excellent skull ratios for balance & shape to muzzle with bite & tidy flews & pigment. Eyes are dark & portray a sweet expression. Earset correct, nice length of neck into well laid shoulder, still with a firm topline & strength in her rear hocks & double dewclaws. Front still sound as came to a free stand naturally just that minute more flex to pastern which for age is understandable. Well done. RBB, BV.
(2) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Emilio, superb feminine make & shape for age with lovely bone & coat. Excellent expression to eye which are of good almond shape & well pigmented. She has balance to head proportions & skull & muzzle developing well with correct dentition & close fitting well pigmented lips overall & lovely blunt shape to head & correct furrow & earset. Lovely neck into shoulder placements & brisket & width to chest. Nice fit to elbows & straight front legs & correct flex to pasterns on good compact feet. Firm in body tone & loins & right croup gives tailset & carriage. On the move showed lovely reach in front & driving action from sound hocks, moved at correct speed coming to a balance free stand. Loved her. BP, shall watch her progress with interest, just had the edge today for expression against her litter brother in the challenge; 2 Owen’s Galliagh Vira in Beinnalba, 10 months & still a raw baby, given her first showed coped really well & gently handled. Still to develop in head & body for bone & balance but this may come. Moving showed a higher hock placement than 1 & not the confident reach forward but this will improve with patience.
(2,1) 1 L Emilio.
(2) 1 L Emilio; 2 G Vira in B, repeat of puppy but here gained a little more confidence & relaxed somewhat.
1 Fergus’ Davenangel Reddest Ruby, well boned & shaped on the silhouette. Head is balanced & has lovely expression from dark eyes & pigment & placement clean tidy flews. Topline & loins could be firmer for me & a shade tighter elbow coming towards, into a free stand pasterns need to tighten too but can easily be strengthened with road work this will tone all the muscles.
(1) 1 Lisjovia Kiyonari, 4 year old bitch. Outline shows femininity & bone for size & overall shape. Skull has excellent blunt shape with desired furrow, eye placement & earset gave a sweet expression. Good dentition & clean well pigmented flews. Good strength to neck into clean shoulders with depth to ribcage & width across chest whilst retaining good fit of elbows. Stands on correct arched toes. Hindquarters have muscle & sound hocks & croup allowing correct tailset & carriage. Tail has a good length too. On the move has the forward reach & drive with balance & firm topline I was looking for. BB & in the challenge just clinched top spot for the expression as to say look at me, BIS, well done.
(1) 1 D Reddest Ruby.
(3) 1 Holmes’, two males, brothers ironically so alike & matched each other stride for stride, well handled; 2 Holmes’, what a promising little duo for age, you had a masculine baby & feminine bitch, sure these two will cause a stir in the ring. Congratulations on some quality breeding.