PYRENEAN Club OF GB Open Show 2017


Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain held an open show where BIS was Gillandant Xmas Spice; RBIS, Ch/Int/SW/Fr Ch Viskaly’s Harry Honda at Kington; & BP, Rivergroves All The Right Moves.

I was very pleased to have a good sized entry of dogs, with plenty of quality. All dogs had the correct dentition, pigmentation & temperament was exemplary. My thanks to my very patient & understanding stewards. Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who entered under me. I am sorry that the sun did not shine, but at least it stayed dry & I enjoyed judging outside.


MP (1)
1 Reilly’s Lisjovia Boris Bear at Daramor, promising puppy with plenty of bone, who kept a good level topline whilst he moved playfully around the ring, enjoying his day. Loved his eye & expression, but just a little heavy in the head. He is very immature at the moment & I look forward to watching his progress & development.
PD (2)
1 Traynor & Downe’s Rivergroves All The Right Moves, a beautifully presented puppy who has everything going for him. Lighter built than the second placed puppy, & more mature, his head has just the right amount of fill, tight lips & almond shaped eye. The length of leg, balanced on catlike feet, already showing the correct angulations, enabled him to move with drive around the ring, with a level topline. I am sure he will have a very promising show career. BP;
2 L Boris Bear at D.
JD (4)
1 Flounder’s Gillandant Spirit Of Xmas at Lakamoni, promising young dog, who has a lot of maturing to do. Good head shape & expression, with tight lips, on a well balanced body form. He is a little straight in the stifle at present, but this did not deter him from moving enthusiastically around the ring, with a level topline & he should do very well once he fills out;
2 Water’s Zagal De AlbaDe Los Danzantes with Sketrick, loved this tall upstanding dog as soon as he entered the ring. His head is wedge shaped, with plenty of fill, tight lips, typical Pyrenean expression. He has the medium angulation required, but when moving around the ring, he did not seem very comfortable in his rear movement, which, unfortunately, cost him a higher placing;
3 L Boris Bear at D.
YD (4)
1 G Spirit Of Xmas at L;
2 Z De AlbaDe Los Danzantes with S;
3 L Boris Bear at D.
ND (3)
1 Z De AlbaDe Los Danzantes with S, won this class, as his rear movement was more relaxed & easy;
2 L Boris Bear at D;
3 McBain’s Kalkasi Moonlite And Magic, big, heavier dog with good bone & well presented. Good head with good depth of chest & substance. Movement & drive slightly impeded by a sloping topline, & very close on the rear.
PGD (2,1a)
1 Thomas’ Shiresoak Snow Patrol, this well presented youngster has a good head shape, & expression. He moved beautifully around the ring, wheeling his tail, with a level topline, & worked as one with his handler. He needs time to mature & fill out, & should do very well in his show career.
LD (3)
1 Downes’ Belshanmish Orange Crush, this dog caught my eye as soon as he came in the ring, with his head, with plenty of fill, & the typical Pyrenean expression. With correct angulations, & a lovely straight front, he moved easily & fluidly around the ring showing a level topline. He was a very close contender for BD, but his body mass lacked the required substance. I was very happy to award him RBD;
2 S Snow Patrol;
3 Water’s Sketrick Ojo, good sized, well boned dog. His head could be more refined, but his angulations are correct & he moved very well around the ring showing a level topline.
OD (2,1)
1 Savage’s Ch/Int/SW/Fr Ch Viskaly’s Harry Honda at Kington, I have judged this dog before, & my opinion does not differ. His head is everything a Pyrenean should be, with tight lips, & a wonderful far away Pyrenean expression. His well muscled movement, with a straight front & correct angulation, is easy & very unhurried, but covering the ground effortlessly. I was delighted to able to award him BD, RBIS.

PB (1)
1 Bamford’s Lisjovia Keep The Faith for Paxfaxen, this very raw puppy was beautifully presented & handled. A little heavy in head, she moved well around the ring, showing her immaturity in her topline, which will level with time. Her movement is loose at the moment, but, again, she is very young & needs time. I look forward to watching her development.
JB (2,1)
1 Pollard’s Gillandant Xmas Spice, this captivating young bitch has the most gorgeous feminine head, personifying elegance in every aspect, with tight lips, correct shaped eye, & the desired Pyrenean expression. A profuse coat cased a muscled well shaped body form, & she moved effortlessly & purposefully around the ring, with drive. It was close between her & the BD, but I could not deny her her BIS title.
YB (2)
1 G Xmas Spice;
2 Bayliss’ Shiresoak She’s The One, another pretty bitch who shows a lot of promise. Good head, with the correct eye shape & tight lips. Moved well, with the correct angulation, but just carrying a bit of extra weight. Close to one in quality, but preferred the head of the first placed bitch.
NB (2,1)
1 L Keep The Faith for P.
UGB (3,1)
1 G Xmas Spice;
2 L Keep The Faith for P.
PGB (3)
1 G Xmas Spice;
2 Carlin’s Rosemere Yasmina, this handsome bitch caught my attention, with her beautiful head, & the expressive almond shaped eye. Pleasing shape & I loved her colouring. Unfortunately, although she moved well enough to assess her movement, she did not seem very keen to prove her worth & was not handled to her full potential;
3 Savage’s Viskaly’s Lilla My at Kington, very pretty, good sized bitch, with wedge shaped head, & plenty of fill. Excellent pigmentation & moved well around the ring.
LB (3)
1 Edward’s Bursville Summer Fleur via Shanlimore, beautifully turned out bitch, with an abundance of coat. She has a good head & eye, & moved very well around the ring with an easy drive & level topline;
2 Thornes’ Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay, young bitch, who still needs to mature & fill out. Not the head qualities of the class winner, but her movement was correct & true, & she covered the ground with ease & drive;
3 Bayliss’ Gillandant Anastasia at Shiresoak, mature bitch, who has a good head, with a lovely eye. Correct angulation ensured she moved around the ring with confidence & ease, but just carrying a little extra body substance.
OB (3,1)
1 Dunk’s Ch Bursville Summer Zizanna with Zalute, quality bitch who is a very worth Ch. She has a beautiful head with the true Pyrenean expression, tight lips & in very good coat. Standing, she looked every inch the part, & was handled to her full potential, with purpose & drive. I had no problem in awarding her RBB;
2 Bayliss’ Shiresoak She’s The One.
Brace (1)
1 B Pretty In Pink at P/Kricarno Konstellationat Pyrajay, the two dogs gave the handler a very testing time, but he rose to the occasion, & they went around the ring in a controlled manner, which is no easy task with two strong Pyreneans, who at times, would have preferred to play. Well done & well handled.