Please note the following ammendments for the resumptions of Dog Shows:
Rings must have a separate entry & exit to be adhered to by all exhibitors

All exhibitors must wear a mask whilst in the ring.

All must ensure they remain socially distanced whilst in the ring. It may be necessary to enter the ring in rotation if large entry. The handler will show the dog's teeth to the judge.

Award boards will NOT be at the ringside for results.

Certificates/rosettes will be laid out on a separate table before judging for exhibitors to pick up after each class. Ring numbers and catalogues to be in envelopes for collection at a dedicated area.

Spectators are not allowed to sit ring side to ensure social distancing with those exhibiting in the ring.

Please use your own catalogue and pens with family members only.

Exhibitors are encouraged to leave the show as soon as they have finished being judged to avoid congestion.

I will try to keep you all informed off any further information as and when.

Marian Absolom