1) They will be large: yes I know its obvious but itís amazing how quickly they transform from that cute little bundle of white fur to a lolloping great teenager flying round the house. In order to grow to that size you have to feed and feed and feed some more: they are very expensive while they are growing. But take heart by the time they are two or so the food bill goes down drastically and then you only have to worry because they wonít eat and are looking as thin as a rake.

2) Never go near a puppy until you have decided a Pyrenean is the dog for you - you will not be able to resist that delightful, charming, endearing ball of fluff.

3) Pyreneans do not like being left on their own for long periods. If you work full time, forget it unless you are prepared to have it live out in a secure kennel. A bored Yorkshire terrier may nibble your skirting boards, a bored Pyrenean may eat your kitchen cabinets.

4) You must own a good vacuum cleaner - Pyrenean dogs molt at least once a year, bitches twice and they lose a little hair all the time. Be prepared to find Pyrenean hair everywhere in the house, on your clothes, etc. Pyrenean hair can get to places where you donít even allow the dogs to go.

5) For at least the first 6 months they should not be allowed up & down stairs or to jump out of the car. The impacts on shoulders & elbows can damage them. Exercise should start very slowly and gradually increase, a fully grown dog should be able to go as far as you like. If you canít walk them far then play with them but donít teach them chasing games, people get worried about 10 stone of dog hurtling at them.

6) They are the worlds worst at coming back when they are called outside. You can train your dog to do it perfectly at home but let them loose and most will head for the wide blue yonder and they are sneaky with it, lulling you into a false sense of security and then taking off when youíre not paying attention.

7) Donít let them do anything at ten weeks that you donít want them to do when they are ten stone. Jumping up to your knees is charming, flattening your mother in law as she comes through the front door is not.

8) Get them to a good obedience training class as soon as their vaccinations are completed. You can make a smallish puppy obey. If you leave it to six months its all-in wrestling. The same goes for baths, grooming, nail clipping, teeth cleaning etc.

9) If antibiotics at the vet cost £5.00 for a Yorkshire Terrier it will cost at least £15.00 for your Pyrenean, remember a dog will weigh 10 stone or more, a bitch 8 or 9 stone and many medicines are given to animals by weight.  MAKE SURE YOU VET IS AWARE THAT PYRENEANS ARE VERY SUSCEPTIBLE TO ANESTHETICS AND ON NO ACCOUNT SHOULD THESE BE GIVEN BY WEIGHT.

10) Other delightful hobbies they, may have can include escapology (secure fencing at least four feet high, preferably six, is a necessity), gardening (many appear to wish to emigrate to Australia), over friendliness to complete strangers who may  not be equally delighted, possessiveness of you and your family, and the ability to guard your house by barking and keeping away the danger of intruders (including passing birds, butterflies etc.)

11) Puppy Lists can be obtained from Marian Absolom Email: absolom.fontenay@google.com 


 If all this hasnít put you off then weíd be delighted to hear from you, or if you already have a Pyrenean, do join us. 

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